Great Reads

Happy Sunday morning to you! I hope you’ve got a good cup of coffee and a quiet, sunny porch like I do. Or some great OutTV like Obi. 

He’s watching Squirrels on Scaffolding.
Since the workers aren’t going to be back until Tuesday, I used their scaffolding to put out some bread at eye level. Rarely does a spin off exceed the quality of the original program, but Obi thinks this show is much better than Legs.

But that’s not the topic today’s blog.

Squeak received two large boxes of books from his cousins’ library last week. At first, Obi was interested.

Then he noticed the box was an excellent platform for checking out the baby.

That was more interesting. Obi has decided the baby is his. He has high expectations for me and wants me to stop all crying immediately. If I can’t, he attempts a Cat Scan. Unfortunately for the brown kitten, getting close enough to sniff a baby forehead also puts you within range of flailing baby arms.

Back to the books, Oliver also checked out the delivery but was uninterested in helping when I asked.

And Squeak? He says he’ll read them later.


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