Lesson One

Oliver decided it is time for Squeak to learn how to be a good people. It’s important to start training early. I myself had casual training as a child with Tika and Stasha. It began in earnest with Poco.

I’m proud to be able to say I’m tortie trained and kitten approved.

Lesson one is a biggie: how to give good pets. How to scritch. How to rub a kitteh the right way.

Oliver arrived at my side and considered his subject. He watched Squeak’s tiny fist, held out from his body.

And the grey kitten stretched out his face. He ran his chin over the baby fist.

I tried to help. I repositioned Squeak and tried to put his hand on Oliver’s head.

Unfortunately, the lesson didn’t go very far. Kittens aren’t as cool as ceiling fans.

Lesson cancelled. For now.

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