Every time company comes, Obi helps make the bed.

This summer, Kitten Thunder has been visited by all their grandpeople. Okay, maybe it was Squeak that inspired the visits. But, being good cat people, they all spent time with the kittehs as well.

The grandpeople on The Girl’s side of the family have been to the house a lot in Kitten Thunder’s lifetimes. Grandpaw knows exactly how to squeeze Oliver’s head to compress the pudding. Grandmaow used to feed them in the morning when she visited – but since Squeak’s arrival The Girl gets up to feed them even earlier than Grandmaow is up. She’s also a good scritcher.

Grandpaw on The Boy’s side has been here less so his petting style is unfamiliar. He thumped Oliver on the side, which was alarming. Then really nice. 

Nana stayed for two weeks, which won her high honors. She was allowed to sit under Oliver while he took a bath once. And Obi let her play with his toys.

She tried to play with Oliver, who was unimpressed. The Girl told her the woeful tale of the milk ring. If you don’t know about how Albertsons and the makers of milk broke his heart, read about it here.

Unable to replenish his supply of milk rings, Oliver was excited to find one this summer after Cindy cleaned the house. He carried it with him from room to room. It made him so happy.

Nana wanted him to be more happy.

Today we received this in the mail.

The Girl says cats in Japan say NyaNya instead of meow. Maybe they’re really calling for one of their favorite peoples. It’s pretty great to have a Nana.


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