Battery Powered

There’s lots of things you say you’ll do, or never do, as a parent before you have kids. I’ve never been too judgy of parents but I did have a list of things I liked and didn’t like.

Amongst the didn’t likes: plastic light up noisy toys. I thought there were plenty of other options.

And that lasted right up until we received a Glo Worm. That artificial music and light up face will knock Squeak right out of a fit.

He might not be happy, but he’ll forget why he was crying.

Babies, it turns out, really like those sounds an lights. And moms really like things that hold a baby’s attention.

Also, Squeak needs more toys as he’s staying awake for longer stretches. Maybe this isn’t for him – he and Obi might be perfectly happy going back to the same play mat all day – but his parents need different things to do.

And so did the kittehs, it seems.

It’s about time I got them some new toys.


5 responses to “Battery Powered

  1. No human children but now I want a mat toy for my furry kids.

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