Toy Ring

We took Squeak on a road trip to see family for Christmas. Kitten Thunder, though not asked, opted to stay home and let Bestest Kittehsitter in the World, Lori, take care of them.

And boy did she ever. Obi kind of wants us to go away again because he was getting brushed every day, plus a belly rub, AND she brought him a Christmas stocking full of toys.

Squeak also brought toys with him when he came home. Our three little one have decided to share.

Kind of.

Oliver is now in the habit of storing milk rings on the rug with the baby toys, but he gets rather upset when Squeak picks one up and starts chewing on it.

Fortunately, The Girl agrees.

She also thinks the baby is too young for catnip pillows. No matter how many times Obi throws it to him.

And Obi sighs. That kid is not very good at catching things anyway.


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