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Funnies from the cat world

Oh, you’re home.

The Boy was gone this weekend and I had big plans to get things done. And I did. If you consider sitting on the couch with Kitten Thunder getting something done, I did.

Obi and Oliver spent the whole weekend doing coordinated snuggling so I couldn’t get off the couch. They let me up to eat – if I fed them too – and go to bed. And to the bathroom as long as they could go too.



Obi watched Black Sails with me. He said I could take his picture to send to The Boy to show him how dire things were here on the homefront.

We did manage to brush Obi, do the dishes, and work a little bit on the bracelets I’m donating to the Fur Ball (tickets still available). And I rearranged some furniture – this with both Obi and Oliver helping IMMENSELY. I don’t like the new arrangement, but I’ve lost the will to fix it.

So…since that’s all there was to the weekend, I bring you photos of Cat Shaming. Have you ever noticed that the cats don’t really seem ashamed at all? Your homework: what has your cat done that s/he SHOULD be ashamed of?


How to Wrap Presents

Step 1. Open The Boy’s closet and encourage the kittens to take a nap inside.

Step 2. Casually walk downstairs like you’re not going to do anything interesting.

Step 3. Go ahead and turn on the camera – you know steps 1 and 2 are fruitless, right?

Step 4. Consult the brown kitten as you choose a paper.


Step 5. Ask the grey kitten about the paper when he runs the brown kitten off.

IMG_20131219_173708_113 IMG_20131219_180543_136

Step 6. Lay out paper to judge size according to the package being wrapped.

Step 7. Move the grey kitten off the paper, onto the shelf under the window.


 Step 8. Watch, helplessly, as the grey kitten tries to step back on the table but puts his foot on paper that does not have table underneath it. Watch him fall, slamming his chin on the table edge on his way down.

Step 9. Drop everything and scoop the grey kitten into your arms. Check for injury. Walk around the house with him in your arms for 20 minutes while his world stops spinning.

Step 10. Decide to blow of wrapping for a while.

Step 11. Return, after dinner, to wrapping.

Step 12. Allow the brown kitten to “curl” some ribbon.



Oliver is fine. We finished wrapping presents and snuggled up on the couch. Purr therapy works both ways.


Purr Therapy Sunday

I have the plague. Or a cold. I had to work all day yesterday, followed by The Boy’s work Christmas party, so I had already declared that I’d be sleeping until noon.

That didn’t quite work out since Kitten Thunder saw the dread black cat in the driveway at 10 a.m. I got up to help The Boy talk them down.

Then I moved the condo into the dining room.

Oliver has spent much of the day administering purr therapy.



After dinner, which The Boy went a got when he went to the grocery store for me – above and beyond the call of duty, I say – Obi decided to administer some preventative therapy on The Boy.




Missing Mousie

Obi’s flat mousie is missing. We have searched everywhere: under the couch, under the loveseat, under the recliner, in the coat closet, in the dining room, in the boxes. Everywhere.

We’ve retraced our steps and the last time anyone can remember mousie was Sunday morning. He was on the floor by the recliner.

We suspect foul play.

We suspect Barbie.


I found this on Pinterest this week. I haven’t actually verified any of these facts to see if they are accurate but:

1. Nobody would lie on the internet.
2. I want it to be true.

Purr Therapy is real, yo.


I pinned a whole lot of new adorable this week. Check it out.

My Funnies page has some new giggles as well.


Update: Mousie has been found! Our apologies for the things we called Barbie behind her back.

You’re Not Getting a Raise

Kitten Specialist Obi Wan Kittenobi is angling for a promotion. He has taken on some extra responsibilities around the Thunder household that are worthy of consideration.

First, last night when my brain was all whirly and it was just getting busier and busier after two hours of laying there in the dark, the cats got up with me. Oliver realized I wasn’t going to feed them and he went back to bed. Obi sat on the couch with me while I watched a little TV and wrote down everything in my head. He even snuggled with me for a while.

Second, Obi now participates in the morning “wake up The Girl” routine. This morning I heard the sound of something being pushed across the toothbrush counter. “Oliver,” I whispered. “Knock it off.” I opened my eyes. Oli was sitting on the bed.

“I’m working on it,” Obi squeaked. And the empty contact solution box bounced to the floor.

Third, I discovered that Zensai was dead during Oliver’s afternoon nap so Obi and I were alone. I saw my deceased dragon and started sobbing. Obi was freaked out. He looked around desperately for the grey kitten – this was definitely Chief Executive Kitten territory. But the brown kitten faced the challenge.

He put a paw on my shoulder. He jumped in my lap. He squeaked. He licked my eyelids. He tried everything he could think of to comfort The Girl.

And he did.

So congratulations, Obi, on your promotion to Kitten Senior Specialist. In light of the fact that you get all the food you can eat, daily treats, several pinches of cheese, and all the snuggles you’ll tolerate…

You’re not getting a raise.



Dragon shaped hole

The Thunder household lost a family member yesterday. Zensai, my bearded dragon, died at almost 12 years old. Oliver and Obi knew first and started acting really weird. I feel bad because I attributed their behavior to The Boy going away for a model railroad show this weekend. I scolded them for the senseless yowling in the corner of the living room. Now I know what they were saying.

I buried my bearded dragon under some bearded irises in our yard. Not only is it a fun play on words, but they happen to be my favorite flowers and they can be planted in October. Hopefully they’ll come up with super beard power next spring.

It is weird, today, to be in the living room without the gigantic lizard tank. Both cats are super snuggly – like Obi actually slept in my lap for a couple hours. There is a whole bunch of empty wall and floor back there that needs to be filled. Plus I had to turn on a light because the box of light is gone.

So…there’s no way to turn this into a funny post. We’ll come back on Tuesday will something cute or funny.

Thanks, Zensai. We had a good run.

It is never too late for Miller Time


We don’t know why Obi suddenly started playing with our veggie bag, but he did. And, obviously, it was cute.


On Saturday night I missed the season finale of Dr. Who. After checking the schedule for repeats I realized that staying up to watch it at 1 a.m. was my best option. So that is what Kitten Thunder and I did.

I heard a thunk in another room, followed by a brown kitten skulking in to the rug. It only took a moment to realize he’d found a miller. He and Oliver played with it for a long time. They’d pick it up and spit it out onto the plastic intestines. I think they liked the ticky ticky ticky sound it made as it fluttered against the plastic.

After a while, that got boring. So they moved it to under the coffee table where it tried to hide amongst the shoes. Oli sat on one side of the table and Obi sat on the other, jabbing at the miller whenever they saw him.

Then, as suddenly as it started, the game was over. I suspect I’ll find a dead miller in my shoe tomorrow.



It was rainy all week. That seemed like a good reason to grab the laptop and work on the couch with a blanket. Oliver agreed. And he was very helpful.


I was across the state for a very quick trip and got home early this evening. The kittehs greeted me before they remembered that they had to be mad at me.

Then they remembered.

I settled on the couch and pulled a blanket over me. The kittehs were thundering. Then, Oli saw me. I was forgiven. He contemplated me. And the blanket. Then he looked to his brother who was waiting to continue the thunder.







The grey kitten thought hard. I won. Obi decided it was the right decision and joined us.

Snuggle thunder.

The Missing Oliver

I had a root canal today. It was delightful. It actually wasn’t that bad considering what they are doing to your mouth during the process. But I’m not one to mess around with medical treatment so I had my crown fitted today as well.

That means five injections to keep my mouth numb. Having a numb face, for some reason, makes me groggy. I’ve pretty much been ready for a nap since I woke up this morning. At last, at 3 p.m., it was time.

I called for the cats. Obi came for a real, actual snuggle.

No Oliver.

I woke up a while later and called the grey kitten. No Oliver.

The Boy came home from work. Oliver appeared to check out our dinner. After dinner I laid back down and called for Oli. No Oliver.

I have hardly seen Oliver since my family left Cheyenne. I know exactly why. Almost the second they left town, the heat wave broke. It has been in the 80s for two days. And Oliver? He has some quality time to make up on the upstairs cat shelf.


I don’t know why he’s straddling a pillow.


It’s Thunder Thursday! Here is the newest addition to Kelly’s family. A polydactyl tortie who hasn’t been named yet. Any suggestions? 


Kitten Cute Fest

According to the saying, this is worth at least 10,000 words.