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I was across the state for a very quick trip and got home early this evening. The kittehs greeted me before they remembered that they had to be mad at me.

Then they remembered.

I settled on the couch and pulled a blanket over me. The kittehs were thundering. Then, Oli saw me. I was forgiven. He contemplated me. And the blanket. Then he looked to his brother who was waiting to continue the thunder.







The grey kitten thought hard. I won. Obi decided it was the right decision and joined us.

Snuggle thunder.

The Missing Oliver

I had a root canal today. It was delightful. It actually wasn’t that bad considering what they are doing to your mouth during the process. But I’m not one to mess around with medical treatment so I had my crown fitted today as well.

That means five injections to keep my mouth numb. Having a numb face, for some reason, makes me groggy. I’ve pretty much been ready for a nap since I woke up this morning. At last, at 3 p.m., it was time.

I called for the cats. Obi came for a real, actual snuggle.

No Oliver.

I woke up a while later and called the grey kitten. No Oliver.

The Boy came home from work. Oliver appeared to check out our dinner. After dinner I laid back down and called for Oli. No Oliver.

I have hardly seen Oliver since my family left Cheyenne. I know exactly why. Almost the second they left town, the heat wave broke. It has been in the 80s for two days. And Oliver? He has some quality time to make up on the upstairs cat shelf.


I don’t know why he’s straddling a pillow.


It’s Thunder Thursday! Here is the newest addition to Kelly’s family. A polydactyl tortie who hasn’t been named yet. Any suggestions? 


Kitten Cute Fest

According to the saying, this is worth at least 10,000 words.




Snapshots of Thunder

It has been a long weekend so the kittehs and I are blogging from the couch. It is the least I can do for the torment I’ve put them through.

Yesterday I actually succeeded in getting up and out the door for my birding field trip. It was awesome. I saw lots of birds, had a nice walk. Afterward, I read outside, watched some TV while I did sit ups, and did some work before we went to a party. It wasn’t until after we got back that I realized Oliver and I hadn’t napped ALL DAY. He made up for it by laying across my face while we tried to watch Saturday night bullriding.

We really made up for it this morning. Breakfast, then extended snuggling.


Obi has found the lazer mousie. Almost as soon as they finished testing him out the first day, Kitten Thunder put him in the cave under our recliner. Then, on Tuesday, Obi must have realized that a lazer mousie would be the perfect addition to the sheet cave. He’s been there ever since. He peeps. He flashes. He protects the cave.


Mr. Bear is really on the move this week. Every night, he comes upstairs. Some nights he comes all the way to bed and I wake up with him on my pillow. Then he comes downstairs in the daytime. Sometimes he hangs out in the hall. Sometimes he watches me work from the door of my office. Often, he contemplates a snack in the kitchen. Right now he is in the bag we keep for Kitten Thunder by Zensai’s tank.

He’s always nearby; you never know when you’ll knead your bear.

The Return of Smell-o-Vision

Ah, springtime in the Rockies. Today we enjoyed sixty degree temperatures, sun and no wind. Tonight the cold weather will return with snow through the end of Wednesday.

I decided to take advantage of today and opened up some windows. New air poured into the house. It was glorious.

"Whose tail is that?"

Obi didn’t notice the open windows at first. He was walking across the room when he heard the birds. Were they in the house? No. I grabbed the brown kitten and set him on the dining room bookcase. The sun warmed his face; his eyes closed. A breeze wafted in; his nose lifted to catch it. The twitter of birds sounded; his ears swiveled.


Oliver was already laying in a sunbeam in the office condo. When I opened the window he only had to turn around to take in the smells and sound.


The previous owners of our house had a big husky. When the air gets stale the second floor still smells like dog. I’m looking forward to sleeping in a non-doggy room tonight. It will be…


"There is no better pillow than a sun-warmed brother."

Note: It probably looks like Oliver is getting the good part of this snuggle. But if you look closely you’ll see that Obi’s arms are wrapped around Oliver as well. It’s this type of sweetness that forces me to get out the camera and take their picture again.

Return of The Boy

The Boy was gone all weekend to play with trains. Kitten Thunder was not happy. For one thing, many boxes of train stuff was taken out on Friday morning. Oliver was in a panic, maybe thinking we were moving. He wouldn’t let me hold him, probably trying to keep me from saying goodbye and thus keeping me from leaving.

Half an hour later I was at my desk, working. Oliver calmed down, a little.

Friday night, Oliver spent much of the night prowling the house and calling for The Boy. He’d come back to bed for a while. Then he was off again. “Boy! We’re in bed!”

Exhausted, Oli has spent a lot of the day sleeping.

Obi has reacted by being super lovey. We snuggled all last evening. We snugggled for most of the day. Obi even laid in my arms, in Oli’s normal spot, for hours. Impressive for a kitten with a five minute attention span.

The Boy has been home for half an hour. He caught a cold while he was gone and Oliver is sitting next to him, weighing the risk of cooties against his obligation to administer purr therapy.

Obi’s belly has been properly rubbed for the first time in days…no offense, Girl.

I am also happy to see The Boy, of course. I’ve shared the leftover drugs from my bout with the six-week crud.

Tomorrow we will all wake to the world as it should be. Together.

IQ Points, Lost

After a long week, Sunday found me on the couch again. Oliver was attempting to snuggle with me but a fuzzy brown cave monster wouldn’t let him near the couch. As he would come near, the cave monster would leap out and they would wrestle on the rug. Then Oliver would run away and the monster would return to the cave in front of the couch.

The process would repeat as Oliver would come toward me, “unsuspecting.”

After forty minutes of this game it came to an abrupt stop. Oliver was breaking away from the rug wrestling.  He chose to use the cave as his escape route. Obi leapt toward the opening where Oliver would exit – right into the sharp corner of the coffee table. He hit the corner with his temple and the top of his eye.

Obi stopped short.

Oli swung around in concern.

I cried out.

I asked him if he was okay. Obi, eye closed, took off. The Boy heard the ruckus and found me as I was dragging the brown kitten out from under the dining room table.

We gave Obi a full exam. By that time his eye was open and looked okay. His temple seemed okay. I treated it with Girl kisses. Then we asked him how many fingers I was holding up. He sniffed them and said “cranberry juice.” Once again, the question of how long a concussed kitten should stay awake was raised. We decided 20 minutes would do.

A little while later I was back on the couch when Obi came into the room. Cautiously,  he approached the table. He sniffed it. Then he marked it with a chin scratch. No hard feelings.

Obi jumped up for a foot snuggle. Oliver finally made it to the couch as well. He settled down by the cave monster, kissed his head, and concentrated on some high quality purr therapy.

A couple IQ points is a small price to pay for such a great scene on a Sunday.