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The Kitchen is Broken


At last, the replacement for our ugly white counters has been manufactured and arrived in town.


The workers came to rip out the counters. Kitten Thunder was oddly unconcerned by the process. Obi watched from the chair.


Oliver stayed on the back of the couch. He wasn’t worried. He actually napped through a lot of it.


When the men left to get a shop vac for the mess, Obi went straight for the tools.


Oliver took advantage of the fact that there is no counter to get up where he is not usually allowed. I mean, the rule is that he’s not allowed on the counter, right?

And the kitchen is broken. Still.

The counters won’t be ready until next week. Only the kittens are eating as they usually do. The Boy and I are limited to microwavable things that can be made in things that go in the dishwasher…not that we can run the dishwasher.

But, you know, as long as the kitteh breakfast isn’t disturbed…

The Runaround

I apologize if you felt a horrible loss over not having a Kitten Thunder blog to read on Tuesday, but I was on an important mission. I had to download and watch a movie on my computer to see what impact it would have on the battery. The Boy and I are going to Europe this spring and we wanted to know how many movies we could take with us in case we only want to watch the in-flight movie six times. I chose Anna Karenina – it was very artsy, but pretty good.

And then it was time for bed.


On Wednesday evenings, The Boy and I drink beer. This has been so since our bar, The Capitol Grille, opened about 11 years ago. When we started, sometimes we had enough people there to fill the bar. Over the years, our friends have grown up (old), had kids, and found other things to distract them from our Wednesday night tradition. Until it was just The Boy and I. And so we decided we might as well date and eventually get married.

Now when we go home at night, The Boy plays flat mousie with Obi. In case you are new to the blog, this is where The Boy throws Obi’s flat mousie into the hallway. The brown kitten races to get his toy and brings it back to the belly rubbing rug. Rinse and repeat until the kitten loses interest.

Last night, though, there was an issue. His name is Oliver.

For some reason Oliver decided to forgo his usual snuggle with The Girl and wanted to play flat mousie with The Boy and Obi. The problem being that Oliver doesn’t know how to play the game. He kept running with Obi to get the mousie, but then he would sit down, confused, and get in the way. The brown kitten had to go around, or over, the grey.

Then, Obi had enough.

The Boy threw the toy into the hallway. Obi got to it and tossed it into the air. He bumped it away and chased after it…out of sight. Oliver went to find him. He never did.

Obi came through the kitchen, and returned to the living room from the other direction. Having lost his brother – who was probably reminded as he entered the kitchen that he was peckish – the brown kitten and The Boy played on.


A kitten has to do what a kitten has to do.

This week in pictures


The Jeff Channel on OutTV had a very special episode.


Oliver super napped.


Obi played with flat mousie.

Missing Mousie

Obi’s flat mousie is missing. We have searched everywhere: under the couch, under the loveseat, under the recliner, in the coat closet, in the dining room, in the boxes. Everywhere.

We’ve retraced our steps and the last time anyone can remember mousie was Sunday morning. He was on the floor by the recliner.

We suspect foul play.

We suspect Barbie.


I found this on Pinterest this week. I haven’t actually verified any of these facts to see if they are accurate but:

1. Nobody would lie on the internet.
2. I want it to be true.

Purr Therapy is real, yo.


I pinned a whole lot of new adorable this week. Check it out.

My Funnies page has some new giggles as well.


Update: Mousie has been found! Our apologies for the things we called Barbie behind her back.

Tasty Ears


As you know, Oliver had a doctor appointment on Monday for his out of control allergies. They are now, officially, under control. His eyes are not goopy. His lungs are not wheezy. His chin acne is clearing up.

And those ears…

The one ear was infected so Oli is getting ear drops. They are much harder to give because I have to put the dropper into his ear and try to tell if anything has dropped in while my grey kitten tries to get the dropper out of his ear. At least eye drops you can see if medicine is coming out. At least pills are a solid.

Evidently, ear drops are tasty. This afternoon, Kitten Thunder was in the condo. A bath started. There is really nothing cuter than the two kittehs washing each others’ faces. With their faces clean, Obi moved on to the top on Oliver’s head. That would include his ears.

Tasty, tasty ears.

Ears so tasty, it seems, that Obi really got into the cleaning. It required putting Oliver in a headlock. Then standing on top of him. And shoving his face all the way into the grey kitten’s big bunny ears.

I don’t know if his ears were really tasty. There’s a possibility that Obi was just taking care of his brother. He does that.

But the ears are sparkling clean.


For Christmas, my aunt gave me this squirrel feeder. It is hilarious. And hard to photograph from inside the house.


Helping Paws

Fact: You can put a slip cover on a loveseat without help.
Fact: It is almost impossible to put a slip cover on a loveseat with two tiny helpers.

We have a loveseat in the reading nook that is worn out but it has good bones so we plan to have it reupholstered. That has been the plan since before we moved into this house. Before we exhausted good friend points having it hauled up to the second floor.

And we don’t have a plan beyond that.

So today, when I came across a slip cover for practically nothing? I bought it.

First, I had to disturb a brown kitten.


Then we stretched the slip cover over the seat. A grey kitten appeared from nowhere to help with the stretching. He’s inside the cover in this photo.


He purred the whole time.


After the stretching, there was tucking. Both Oli and Obi actually worked pretty hard on the tucking.



And then we were ready to put the new cover to a nap test.


Just as they plunked down, I realized something kind of silly. The cover is dark brown. Unlike either of my cats. The cover is microfiber. Cat hair loves microfiber.



It’s Thunder Thursday! Have you seen the new Simon’s Cat?

Blue Be Gone

Obi has been bored all week. I think this is the feline version of cabin fever. He walks around the house crying, “bored, BOred, BORED.” The only things that quiets the cries is digging under the couch for a toy – his pink fuzzy or the flat mousie will work. Only those.

The teddy bear mousie, a usual favorite, isn’t doing the trick this week.

This morning, the pink fuzzy was in the middle of the floor. The flat mousie was on the loveseat. So I dug for something else. And I found! The! Blue and Pink! FUZZY! I was so excited. I set it in front of Obi.

He looked at it.

He looked at me.

He looked at the fuzzy.

He looked at me.

WHAP. The fuzzy went under the couch. Way, way under the couch. And with a flick of his tail, the brown kitten went over to his pink fuzzy and snuggled down next to it.

Blue? He doesn’t think so.


It’s Thunder Thursday! This will boring for those of you who aren’t on Twitter. But if you are, may I suggest you follow these cats?

Achilles and Savanah
Schrodinger’s Cat
Rocky and Rosie
Cat Food Breath
Wil Wheaton’s Cat (yes, really)

And then I found Anakin. He has two legs because he was born without back legs or a pelvis. Here’s a video. He’s AMAZING.



Our house has…had…an ugly kitchen floor. Originally we thought it would be great because it would hide the dirt. Then we discovered that it was not great because even when it is freshly cleaned it looks dirty. So today…it went away.

To prepare for floor guys, we had to empty the kitchen and breakfast nook into my office and the dining room. So that was weird. Then yesterday I moved one litter box from my office up to the reading nook, along with the kitty crunchies. More weird.

Also weird for me last night when someone used that litter box and I couldn’t place the sound.

When the nice floor guy showed up, I showed him to the kitchen. I should tell you that this AWESOME floor guy knocked very gently instead of ringing the doorbell – cat owners love that. Obi came with us to see what was going on. Floor guy talked to him. Cat owners love that, too. I told him that I was hoping the cats would go upstairs with me but if they decided to “help” him, to let me know and I’d lock them up somewhere. I wasn’t looking forward to that – there’s no place in our house with doors that I would want to spend a day so I’d have to leave them alone.

Luckily, they did not get in the way.

At first, Kitten Thunder and The Girl were doing fine upstairs. There was a lot of banging and stuff on the main floor so the kittehs were happy to stick close. But the Obi, my brave brown kitten, had to see what was going on. He would creep to the top of the stairs. Then he’d disappear downstairs for a while. After a while, a kitten streak would zip up the stairs and onto the loveseat with me, wide-eyed and breathless.

Oliver wanted to be brave but it just isn’t in his nature. He did get as far as the top of the stairs.


After four hours of work, Oliver was glassy-eyed. That is an awful lot of sleep deprivation for a grey kitten. He was swaying on his feet. He was eating kitty crunchies in a desperate attempt to keep awake. Finally, he went to the cat shelf and settled in on the blanket. But he could not sleep with the noise and the scary downstairs so he stared into space. And stared. and stared.

Then, things got worse for the grey kitten. He needed to use the litter box. But not the one I brought upstairs. Such a conundrum: to pee in the poo box, or to venture downstairs. As I had hoped, he overcame his boundaries and used the box upstairs.

Well ahead of schedule, the floor was done. Obi and I went downstairs to talk to the floor guy and look at the new floor.


And then? Oliver, Obi and I took a nap on the couch. Having floor installed is exhausting.


It’s Thunder Thursday! Today, I am shamelessly plugging the Kitten Thunder Zazzle store’s newest products, perfect for Valentine’s Day OR Singles Awareness Day. We built two cards – one for the lovers of fuzzies and one for lovers of short haired kittehs.

Sad News

Oliver has something sad to tell you.


The farmers has found out what has been attacking the cattle. There is nothing he can do to stop it.



It is Thunder Thursday! Tonight, and update on Puck and Bo.


They’re brothers!

Branching Out

Tuesday, Kitten Thunder let The Boy and I sleep until the alarm went off at 9 a.m. It was, after all, a holiday. But our regular schedule of early morning annoyance resumed yesterday.

And Obi’s new year resolution seems to be to be more involved.

This morning, Oliver was poking me in the nose in the first round of annoyance. It was so warm under the blankets and so cold in the room, though, so my attempt to distract the grey kitten with a snuggle worked like a charm. Cozy under the blankets, Oli was happy to doze off in my arms.

But no. Scoot scoot scoot went something on the toothbrush shelf. I’d moved everything off that was breakable, so I ignored it. Scoot scoot. And something fell to the floor.


The brown kitten came over to the bed and jumped to the headboard. He used his brother’s head as a halfway point. Then he played with the strings on the miniblinds. I reached up and jabbed him in the ribs.

He ran off. Oliver ran off. The breakfast bell went off.

Good timing.


It is Thunder Thursday! My brother’s family has a new member. Meet Cousin Puck’s new brother, tentatively named Bo.