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Whovian Naps

Oliver has started laying on the recliner a lot. The Boy has started tucking him in under the TARDIS blanket. Naps are bigger on the inside.IMG_20140212_085958_770


But sometimes a kitten gets a little peckish and has to leave the TARDIS for a snack. If The Girl doesn’t notice and make a TARDIS cave by pulling the blanket tight over both arms of the chair, the kitten has to make do by sleeping on top of the blanket.



It’s big enough on the outside.

Winner Winner

I made chicken noodle soup for dinner tonight. This involves Kitten Thunder and I torturing ourselves all day as the chicken cooks in the crock pot, filling the house with the scent of yum. Then, an hour before dinner, I pull the chicken off the bones and stir it back in with the noodles.

Oliver and Obi are always available to help.

Oliver sat at my feet as I worked on the chicken. He told me his woes. He told me about how long it had been since he’d eaten. I mean, yes, he had just finished eating kitty crunchies four feet from where I was standing, but that’s not really food. It is merely subsistence. So much woe for one grey kitten.

I finished the chicken and started working on the noodles.

Obi came into the kitchen and collapsed at my feet. So hungry.  He had NOT just finished eating kitty crunchies so he was really very famished. And too weak, he was, to walk to the breakfast nook for subsistence crunchies. So much woe for the brown kitten.

Once everything was back in the crock pot – because I was hungry and no way was I eating subsistence kitty crunchies – I started to pick a pile of chicken for the kittens off the bones that were on the cutting board. It was a healthy pile.

I split the pile in two and placed the piles onto Kitten Thunder’s plates. Oliver, of course, inhaled his and the speed of smell. He then went after his brother’s share.

I stepped in.

“You had yours,” I said with my hand on the grey kitten’s chest. “Your brother should get to eat his, don’t you think?”

No. No he did not think. But Oliver relented and stomped off to the living room to tell The Boy how I had ruined his life. After that, he plunked down in the dining room condo to glare at me while I did dishes.

After a while, I looked down and saw that Obi had some chicken left on his plate. Oliver was in the kitchen again and I told him he could have the extra. He perked up, life un-ruined. For now.

But then a brown kitten came tearing into the kitchen to reclaim his chicken. He hadn’t realized that my defense of his share wasn’t permanent! He wolfed down his portion and gave a pointed stare. First to Oliver. Then to me.

It’s a sad, sad world where you can’t leave freshly cooked chicken unattended on a plate on the floor and not worry about it disappearing.


Box of the Month

Oliver and Obi were signed up for the box of the month club for Christmas. Another box came today. They would like it better if the boxes didn’t come filled with beer, but something is needed to hold the box down if UPS comes when The Girl isn’t home.

IMG_20140121_153221_258 IMG_20140121_153319_042


Yesterday was a holiday. I didn’t realize this until dinner time on Sunday night, in spite of the fact that I mentioned it on numerous client Facebook pages. But it was a nice surprise.

On three day weekends, I kind of split the difference between working and not working because there’s really not a day that I don’t work a little bit. I did a little bit of client work. Then I started to clean my office.

I haven’t worked in my office for about two months. At least. Part of the problem is that it is colder in that room than any other in the house. Another part of the problem is that there were shelves that kept my chair from rolling around freely, making it hard to back up far enough to access the power strip for plugging things in – things like my laptop and a space heater. So, yesterday, I fixed it.

I moved the shelves from behind my chair to under the window. I thought they would be slightly too tall, but they fit perfectly. And they are just right for Obi to stalk vicious leaves that blow up onto the outside sill.

IMG_20140120_114245_185 IMG_20140120_114450_496

Oliver walked into the office, sniffed the sewing machine, scratched his chin on a box, and left. Obi had to bring him back in to show him the new shelves.


After I moved the condo out, I put this box on my desk. It is the perfect size for a kitten.


Or two.


Russian Foodlette

Oliver hates pate.

Obi hates pate.

Don’t get me wrong; they’ll eat it. But they won’t be happy about it. And, because I love to make my kittehs happy, I don’t buy it. It is also a benefit to me because the chunky stuff comes out of the can easier. This is important because I feed the cats before I’m fully awake.

So imagine my surprise on Saturday when I opened a can and the food didn’t slide easily onto the plates. Pate. The dread pate.

I struggled to get the food on the plate and headed back upstairs to bed.

Then I realized…

There would be more.

The last time I went shopping for cat food, I bought a lot. Like, at least five cans of each flavor. So…there could be four more cans of the dread pate. Or there could have been one stray can of pate mixed into the good stuff.

So each morning we’ll pick a can…

We’ll pull the tab…

And time will tell…


A kittaiku from Obi:

The Girl serves breakfast
The food plops down, texture free
Eat it anyway

Hand Off

The Boy and I went to the book store this afternoon. On our way back, we picked up some food from the grocery store. And when we got home, of course, Obi needed a belly rub.

As I was finishing the unloading of groceries, The Boy came into the kitchen with a gotten kitten. Obi likes when he is gotten – it makes him tall and he tries to get The Boy to go see interesting things while he is tall.

This time, though, The Boy wanted to cook dinner. He asked the brown kitten if he would get down. As I put some items on the stairs to the bedroom I said, “or you could wait for just a sec and we’ll do a hand off.”

Obi said he was not interested in a hand off. No no no no.

But he was, in fact, handed over to me and The Boy started cooking. Once Obi knew what a hand off was, he was actually okay with it. Only slightly less tall, he had a good vantage for dinner making.

After dinner, Obi jumped into The Boy’s lap. He sat there for an entire hour, looking very happy. Even Tail was happy…ish. Unfortunately for the comfortable brown kitten, The Boy doesn’t sit still for very long. Watching one program from start to finish without any side activity was as much as he could take.

He attempted a hand off.

Obi was not interested.

No no no no no.

There’s Nothing on TV

Right this moment in Cheyenne it is eight degrees below zero. Even by Wyoming standards, that’s a wee bit chilly. In fact, a bunch of people have looked it up and we’re colder than many places in Alaska this week.

Aside from the five hours I had to walk around the downtown area in a blizzard (on Tuesday) and in below zero temperatures (Wednesday), I’ve been blissfully enjoying a career that involves my house, the couch, a blanket and a cat. And a computer, of course.

This morning, though, I realized that the furnace had been running for a while. Like, since I got up. And before that. And, more importantly, I was still shivering under my blanket.

Looking around at my bright, sunny house I realized that drastic measures had to be taken in light of the frigid temperatures. Everyone was going to have to make some sacrifices for the good of the house. Unfortunately…

We were going to have to turn off OutTV.

I went from room to room, dropping our blinds all the way to the bottom sill of each window. At first Obi was interested in what i was doing. Then he realized my intentions and was horrified.

He raced me from one window to the next. “I’m watching this channel!” But I turned it off. To the next window. “This is my favorite program!” Off.

All the programming isn’t off. I didn’t have the heart to turn the OutTV all the way off by the kitty condo. I pulled the drapes nearly closed and dropped the blinds down except for about four inches at the bottom. On, but turned way down. Also, the blinds are broken in the front window so I couldn’t turn OutTV off.

Though without dogs walking, runners running, squirrels scampering or birds hopping…there’s nothing good on OutTV anyway.

I’d love to know…

There was a big Thunder going on on the main floor while I was working in the basement. When I came upstairs, this is what I found.









The questions are, of course, why did they move my shoe to the middle of the doorway in the hall? And why did they decide that was the right place to store a bouncy ball?

I’m open to theories.

The closet case

"It's good to stay on top of things."

I went upstairs to brush my teeth today, followed closely by Kitten Thunder. Oliver insisted he needed in The Boy’s closet. It was life or death. His whole happiness depended on it.

I didn’t open the door.

Plan B, for Oli, was the linen closet. He HAD to get in the linen closet. Life or death. Yadda yadda yadda. This time it worked. I opened the closet.

While Oliver was contemplating his strategy for jumping into the closet, Obi strolled up and leapt to the bottom shelf. He plunked down on the kitteh blanket. Oliver looked to me – from the floor – for his next move.

I lifted Oli to the second shelf. As I placed him there he tried to get on the top shelf. “You’re going to have to get down eventually; it will hurt if you jump from the top shelf,” I said to the grey kitten. He was not dissuaded. I put him on the top shelf.

With Oliver’s promotion came discontent from the bottom shelf. I moved Obi to the middle shelf where he discovered there is no kitteh blanket. I moved him back to the bottom shelf. Oliver watched from on high.

Oli looked around from his high up perspective. He contemplated the book shelves. He examined our winter blanket (which I’d forgotten and we’ll need it soon so this was five minutes well spent). He watched as Obi lost interest in the closet and left for a sunny spot on the cat shelf.

He was ready to get down.

He looked down to the floor. All the way down. Then he looked to The Girl. I held out my arms and he hopped into them, giving me a head-hug as I lowered him to the floor.

Future happiness, provided by yours truly.

"But it's also good to get to the bottom of things."

Mama’s Boys


At last, I have finished with traveling for a while. Kitten Thunder is relieved. They learned their lesson on Tuesday, though, when I left for my second trip. Neither is taking my presence for granted.

Obi has demanded numerous belly rubs. And fresh water. And an overflowing bowl of crunchies. And some more belly rubs. And to be picked up. And could I rub his belly?

Oliver spent all last night in my arms with his head on my pillow. He ate breakfast this morning in record time then found me on the couch for another snuggle. And now I have installed WordPress on my phone so I can blog while he is taking a bath on my lap.

The Boy, lest you were concerned, was also missed. Obi is also demanding rubs of the belly from him. And Oliver? Well, Oli seems to have blamed The Boy for my second absence. But now that I’m back, Oli will forgive.

I’d like to give a shout out to Lori, kitten sitter extraordinare, for taking care of my fuzzies. She fed them, distributed belly rubs, and stretched out on the couch for post-meal snuggles. Kitten Thunder was horribly neglected while we were gone, but they managed to survive without permanent damage because of her.

It’s Thunder Thursday! Since I am trapped on a couch by my mama’s boys, please share the names of your fuzzies – and maybe a cute story – in the comment area.

What the noses knew

One thousand.

Three hundred.


Miles. Ugh.

The Boy and I took a five day road trip to Yellowstone National Park this week. It is a very long drive from Cheyenne and we just got back a couple hours ago. Kitten Thunder is so happy we are back.

Obi met us at the door and immediately demanded a belly rub. Then he and Oli demanded food. Then Obi was ready for a belly rub.

When it was my turn for the belly rubbing, Obi grasped my hand to him in a desperate way. He kicked with his feet and gnawed on my knuckle. It was adorable.

Less adorable? The presents that Oliver left around the house. It is a good thing he has so many good qualities.

Since arriving home, Obi has almost gotten caught up on the belly rubbing. Oli and I have snuggled.

All is well with the world…

For 36 hours before I leave again for a work trip. Send your positive thoughts to The Boy, for he will be staying behind.