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There were little people in the neighborhood, coming to our door and ringing the bell. Obi does not approve of these shenanigans. He’s never seen trick-or-treaters before because I was painting my kitchen at the old house the first year we lived here – and The Boy hid in the basement. Last year, Halloween was on a Wednesday. We drink beer on Wednesdays. Priorities.

Toward the end of the evening, Obi decided to put a stop to it.


We were running out of candy because I didn’t buy much, thinking our neighborhood was kind of slow. And the wind had picked up. So we turned out the light and headed to The Boy’s office to see if we could figure out the issue with our internet. Obi, who had developed hiccups from the stress, nestled down in a box.


He wanted the hiccuping shenanigans to end as well.

Once we got the internet “fixed” (because OF COURSE it works while you’re on the phone with the IT guy), Obi and I went down to the basement to work out. Well, I worked out. 


Obi was on the look out for more of those little people




Girl’s Night

The Boy was out of town this weekend for a train show so I decided to take advantage of his absence. I called Lori, kitteh sitter extraordinaire, and invited her over for some kitteh, couch, movie and pizza time. She brought candy.

I didn’t think of this as a girl’s night. For one thing, we watched The Dark Night Rises. And we were expecting two boys to hang out with us. But Kitten Thunder had other ideas.

Obi and I were playing when Lori arrived, so he made proper greetings. But then he disappeared. There were no kittehs while we cooked pizza. There were no kittehs while we ate pizza. There were no kittehs when we had empty pizza plates for licking.

I called Kitten Thunder. They came. Obi sat on the rug and looked at Lori for a while. I convinced Oliver to cuddle under the quilt. But then I think Oliver decided it was rude to cuddle with company. He grabbed Obi and they left.

We watched a movie, kitteh free, for over two hours.

After the movie, I called Kitten Thunder again. Again they came. Possibly because the rattle of candy sounded like the rattle of kitty treats. So we got out the kitty treats and Lori became very popular. Then she became more popular when she grabbed the brush and played the brushing game with Obi. Oliver doesn’t like to be brushed but he does like to watch the brushing game.

But then it was time to go home. The three of us walked Lori to the door and we were alone again in the Thunder household. Oliver and Obi both stretched – girl’s night is exhausting.

And they went up to bed.