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Cuppa Joe

While The Boy was away on a train related trip earlier this month, Kitten Thunder and I were home alone. We were upstairs and I noticed Obi drinking water out of the bathtub faucet. It got me thinking about when I’d last filled their water bowl.

But their water bowl was soooooo far away. Like on another floor.

So I looked around for something to put water in. There, by the sink, was The Boy’s coffee cup. That’ll do, I thought.

Kitten Thunder loves having water in the bedroom. They drink a full coffee cup of water every day. They’ll get up from a super nap if I fill their cup. When The Boy fills the cup for them he mentions that we should get them a water bowl.

I think he wants  his cup back.

I think Kitten Thunder would be sad to give it back.


It’s Thunder Thursday! Here’s an absolutely adorable video from Texas, a cat in New York. Texas writes a blog about his adventures with his guardians and sister Milou. Recently the family lost a member, ¬†Grouik, and Kitshka came in to help the family heal. Here we have Kitshka thinking about attacking Milou’s tail. Be sure to watch to the very end.

If you have four minutes more, this is an adorable video of Kitshka…breaking in the family.