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IQ Points, Lost

After a long week, Sunday found me on the couch again. Oliver was attempting to snuggle with me but a fuzzy brown cave monster wouldn’t let him near the couch. As he would come near, the cave monster would leap out and they would wrestle on the rug. Then Oliver would run away and the monster would return to the cave in front of the couch.

The process would repeat as Oliver would come toward me, “unsuspecting.”

After forty minutes of this game it came to an abrupt stop. Oliver was breaking away from the rug wrestling.  He chose to use the cave as his escape route. Obi leapt toward the opening where Oliver would exit – right into the sharp corner of the coffee table. He hit the corner with his temple and the top of his eye.

Obi stopped short.

Oli swung around in concern.

I cried out.

I asked him if he was okay. Obi, eye closed, took off. The Boy heard the ruckus and found me as I was dragging the brown kitten out from under the dining room table.

We gave Obi a full exam. By that time his eye was open and looked okay. His temple seemed okay. I treated it with Girl kisses. Then we asked him how many fingers I was holding up. He sniffed them and said “cranberry juice.” Once again, the question of how long a concussed kitten should stay awake was raised. We decided 20 minutes would do.

A little while later I was back on the couch when Obi came into the room. Cautiously,  he approached the table. He sniffed it. Then he marked it with a chin scratch. No hard feelings.

Obi jumped up for a foot snuggle. Oliver finally made it to the couch as well. He settled down by the cave monster, kissed his head, and concentrated on some high quality purr therapy.

A couple IQ points is a small price to pay for such a great scene on a Sunday.