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You’re Not Getting a Raise

Kitten Specialist Obi Wan Kittenobi is angling for a promotion. He has taken on some extra responsibilities around the Thunder household that are worthy of consideration.

First, last night when my brain was all whirly and it was just getting busier and busier after two hours of laying there in the dark, the cats got up with me. Oliver realized I wasn’t going to feed them and he went back to bed. Obi sat on the couch with me while I watched a little TV and wrote down everything in my head. He even snuggled with me for a while.

Second, Obi now participates in the morning “wake up The Girl” routine. This morning I heard the sound of something being pushed across the toothbrush counter. “Oliver,” I whispered. “Knock it off.” I opened my eyes. Oli was sitting on the bed.

“I’m working on it,” Obi squeaked. And the empty contact solution box bounced to the floor.

Third, I discovered that Zensai was dead during Oliver’s afternoon nap so Obi and I were alone. I saw my deceased dragon and started sobbing. Obi was freaked out. He looked around desperately for the grey kitten – this was definitely Chief Executive Kitten territory. But the brown kitten faced the challenge.

He put a paw on my shoulder. He jumped in my lap. He squeaked. He licked my eyelids. He tried everything he could think of to comfort The Girl.

And he did.

So congratulations, Obi, on your promotion to Kitten Senior Specialist. In light of the fact that you get all the food you can eat, daily treats, several pinches of cheese, and all the snuggles you’ll tolerate…

You’re not getting a raise.