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Sad News

Oliver has something sad to tell you.


The farmers has found out what has been attacking the cattle. There is nothing he can do to stop it.



It is Thunder Thursday! Tonight, and update on Puck and Bo.


They’re brothers!


Danger on the Horizon

The farmer has been concerned about his livestock. Every once in a while he walks out of his house to find his cattle wiped out. Ten head of cows, left to rot on their sides in the yard.

The pigs have also been victims of this strange phenomenon.

Fed up, the farmer grabbed his rifle and stood guard. He left one dead cow at the corner of the house to attract whatever was attacking the livestock. Finally, a lion came by. A tiny fellow, this lion sniffed at the fallen cow.


Feeling that the mystery was solved, the farmer raised his rifle to dispatch the threat.

Little did he know, the real threat hunkered on the horizon…