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Oh, the catmanity!

Seriously,  someone should call the ASPCA, because we are really cruel to Oli and Obi. This day has been unbelievably hard for the kittehs. They are so glad this day is over.

First, the day started with me finding I have an amazing skill: I can stand up and run across a room before gaining consciousness if one of my kittens is in trouble. Obi was climbing the shelves over The Boy’s dresser and they collapsed. The bang and the cry had me to the pile of books and wood in seconds. Obi was nowhere to be found. A couple minutes later he came back and hid under the bed.

Oliver insisted that Obi would be fine if he had some breakfast. Happily, Obi poked his head out and agreed. The only scars are emotional.

But the trauma continued.

The grandpeople are coming for a visit next weekend. Normally this just means some cleaning and horrible things like Oliver getting wet feet on his way to the kitty crunchies after The Boy mops. This happened today. It also means I have to get my laundry off the spare room bed and hung in the closet.

But today we took things to a new level. A monstrous level. A mean, nasty, senselessly cruel level. We have removed all the cardboard boxes from our house.

I broke down the cave within the cave. I threw away the big box from Christmas. We disposed of the giant flat box that has served as a lean-to in the hall.  The Boy threw away two boxes from the basement.

Plus, no afternoon nap.

And then we had steak. And didn’t share. And we didn’t put shredded cheese on it like Obi begged us to.

And then we turned off smell-o-vision just because it was “cooling off.”

Then I played a video game while Oli was laying on my lap instead of giving him my full and undivided attention.  And NOW, right now, I am ignoring him again as I type.

Seriously, folks, these kittehs are abused. Won’t you help?


Happy Mother’s Day to the grandperson’s! In spite of the fact that you’ve raised two cruel people who barely love their cats enough for them to survive, Kitten Thunder still loves you. And let’s not forget More Grandperson and the great grandperson! A kiss and a headbutt hug to you all.