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Train Strain

There are some days, I think, that The Boy regrets choosing a cat person for his lifetime partner. Not that he doesn’t has a beautiful, fulfilling relationship with our little fuzzies, but days like today might make him think of Kitten Thunder as MY cats for a couple minutes.

There was stuff on the chair that Oliver uses to get up on the layout so he was walking around trying to find a way up. He was speed walking from my workshop to the closet, seeking that halfway point.

Obi, who can easily make the jump, was also feeling a bit lazy and decided to use a halfway point. Unfortunately, he chose the wrong point. He jumped, set his feet on an engine that was sitting on a short bit of track on a low shelf, and lost control as the engine rolled. He managed to get his front paws up to the layout and frantically tried to pull himself up.

After witnessing the struggle, and the damage a flailing brown kitten can do, The Boy helped him the rest of the way up. Then he retrieved all the stuff that had been knocked to the floor.

Meanwhile, the grey kitten remembered the hole in the layout and the trunks that he can get onto in order to access the hole. The Boy suggested he jump up toward the section with no track. Oliver chose to jump up onto the tracks.

His dainty feet, luckily, allowed Oliver to land without hitting any of the tracks or the boxcars on them. He did a quick survey of the tracks before coming to sit next to me…and the grain silo. The silo is the perfect height for chin scratching.

“Oli, stop.” Scratch. Nose swat. “No.” Scratch. Nose swat. Scratch. “Stop.” Scratch. Nose swat. Finally he went to the corner of the layout to mark it as his own. He’ll finish claiming the silo later when no one is looking. I hope it gets finished – and will be more sturdy – before it breaks. 

Obi also did a cursory survey of the tracks before seeking out things to knock off the layout. He paused to kill some cows at the farm before doing after tools.

As the first tools dropped, I decided to put The Boy out of his misery. “Come on boys, lets go watch a movie.” Oliver ran to the hole and hopped down on the trunks. Obi made the leap all the way to the floor.

And they thundered up the stairs to the living room.

We left The Boy, relieved, in the basement.

Saint Patty Snapshots

No one in the house is wearing green today. No one is getting pinched because if The Boy pinches me I will pinch him back. And Kitten Thunder has no apposable thumbs.


Oliver and I stayed in bed today, reading, until 1:30 this afternoon. Then I got up and made lunch. Then I started reading again on the couch. Obi supervised from the quilt pod for an hour. Then he decided intensive supervision was needed so he moved up to lay on my chest. He stayed like that for an hour before his brother showed up.

I told Obi to be brave. I told Oliver not to run Obi off. In his defense, Oliver plunked down behind Obi and seemed perfectly content to share. He even gave Obi a bath. But Obi felt pressured and went to watch some OutTV. He’d oversnuggled anyway.

The book, by the way was excellent. It is a little weird. A little supernatural. But it left my heart pounding and my nerves on edge. If you like unusual books, check out The Mercy Of Thin Air by Ronlyn Domingue.


We had super veggie spaghetti tonight. Oliver did not approve. But he licked both plates spotlessly clean – just to survive, though, not because it tasted good.


The basement flat mousie is upstairs.


Yesterday, a squirrel was hanging upside down, eating out of our squirrel-proof bird feeder. Obi looked at me helplessly. He did not approve. I didn’t care until the end of the day when I looked out and saw an empty birdfeeder. A week’s worth of food, gone in a day. I do not approve.





Look closely at the picture above. That’s two, two cats in one.

Barbies are the Bomb

We had family in town this weekend for State Hockey. My parents stayed here at the house. And, for the convenience of those that had to be at the tournament early, we had my niece, Lexi, with us too.

The Boy and I brought her home with us after dinner with my brother’s family on Friday. We watched some Nickelodeon. It turns out that all three of us would have liked The History Channel more. Lessons learned.

Yesterday, Lexi went to the store and bought what every eight year old girl does when they have extra money: Barbie. She also got a Barbie wardrobe/closet/case thing. As soon as she brought it out and my house, I knew she was going to have help.

Something told me Oliver would be all about the Barbie. And indeed he was.

For one thing, the case was the perfect height for chin scratching. He sat next to Lexi on the floor for an hour, scratching his chin and picking out the next outfit for Barbie when Lexi held up his choices.

Obi came through a couple times and picked out some outfits as well. Of course you’d wear a short silver disco dress to go to the grocery store! What other option could there be? But once Barbie was dressed for the store, Obi left to check out the other people that were here to visit.

Lexi also threw flat mousie for Obi. She scratched Oliver’s head. She generally delighted the fuzzy kittehs. When we came back without her, they were disappointed.

But then I made it up to them: nap time. After a weekend of being good hosts, Oliver was ready to lay on the couch for a serious snuggle. For hours. Now he is upstairs to catch up on his afternoon nap that he missed while he was sleeping on the couch with me. Obi is snoozing at my feet.

And they are both, I think, dreaming of Barbie.


Obi was bored today.

First, the people slept in SO late. The Girl fed Kitten Thunder at 6 a.m., but then she went back to sleep. The Boy didn’t get up until 7:30 a.m. After the morning belly rub, Obi and The Boy sat together at the desk. But The Boy wan’t doing anything fun so, once he was full of snuggle, Obi left to see what The Girl was doing.

Sleeping. The Girl was still sleeping. And she kept sleeping even when Obi bump bump bumped the bathroom cabinets. Bored. And when he played with chirping bird in the reading nook. Bored. And when he got on the headboard and dangled the strings from the miniblinds over her face.

Oliver was also back in bed sleeping and told Obi to go away.

The Boy had gone downstairs to work on train stuff. Being an independent human, The Boy didn’t think he needed Obi’s help. Not with painting or drilling or gluing. Obi was bored. Obi tried to talk The Boy into a belly rub. The Boy was willing, but thought that Obi could get his belly rubbed in the basement.

Not acceptable.

At 9 a.m., The Girl’s alarm went off. Obi was excited. But The Girl did not get up. She stayed in bed with her book. And stayed. And stayed. And stayed. Obi sat in the reading nook and loudly suggested the many other things they could be doing. Bored. He stood on the half wall over the staircase and called to get her attention. “Baby, please get down,” she said. But she did not get up.

Finally, she did get up. And the belly was rubbed. Some toys were tossed about. The brown kitten got brushed. But then The Girl went to get a cup of coffee and Obi was bored again.

He checked on The Boy who had gone upstairs to shower now that The Girl was up. Obi hates wet air, though, so he sat outside the bathroom. And he was bored.

He went back to the living room where The Girl was STILL reading. He was bored. He sat behind her head and jabbed her in the back of the ears. He leaned over her shoulder and offered to turn the pages. He did cute things on the belly rubbing rug. Bored.

Exhausted from the boredom, Obi took a nap.

When he woke up, Obi was bored. He found The Girl and talked her into brushing him. Then she wrapped him in the cave and gitchied his belly. Then she piled all his toys on him. When he sighed, she said she felt so sorry for him because he had nothing of interest in the whole house. Even though the words seemed right, Obi sensed a mocking tone that suggested she did not feel bad for him at all. 

He left to see what The Boy was doing. Now he was reading as well. Obi was bored.

Luckily, it was time for the afternoon nap.

When his nap was over, Obi awoke to find that The Girl was missing. Shortly after, though, she returned with food. Since she had been gone, a belly rub was called for. She also brushed him again. Then, since they were cooking, she held him so he could be tall. This was not boring.

But then the pizza was done. Obi doesn’t like pizza. He was bored.

Oliver doesn’t like pizza either, so they had a Thunder. That wasn’t boring. Until it was. Oliver and Obi plunked down in front of The Boy and The Girl and watched them eating. Maybe their combined boredom would inspire the people to open some tuna. It didn’t. Bored.

Now, after dinner, Oliver and Obi are watching me blog. They are bored. Luckily, it is time for their evening nap that should get them through until bedtime. Hopefully tomorrow will be more exciting.

It is rough, being a brown kitten.

Kitten Christmas

Christmas is the holiday that keeps on giving for Kitten Thunder. Since Oliver has decided to sit on my lap in the middle of my workout, let me take the opportunity to share some photos.


The tree came in. Obi liked it just fine next to his chair.


We moved it to the front of the room. Obi wants to know where that cold air return came from.


Last week I was still going outside without a jacket. No more. Winter has arrived and the quilt came out of the bag. The kittehs had no idea it would be better this way.


Way better.

Thunder in the Night

Last night I was struck by how very different it sounds when Oliver comes to bed compared to Obi. Here’s a sampling of sound from the two kittehs. If you are new here, I will tell you that the grey kitten has dainty white paws and weighs 14 pounds. The brown kitten is 10 pounds and supported by large feet.

Oliver comes to bed:
Pit pat pit pat pit pat creak.

Silence. Oli has put his weight on the noisy step and given away his position. He waits to be attacked by a brother. Hearing now movement from above, he continues.

Pit pat pit pat pit pat pit pat pit pat.

Oliver arrives at the coffee mug: gulp gulp slurp gulp gulp gulp gulp slurp. A sneeze – caused by inhaling water – follows.

Pit pat pit pat pit pat pit pat pit pat pit pat.

“Mowr?” Oliver calls from the reading nook (here would be a good place to note that the coffee mug is in the bedroom, so the grey kitten has walked away from me to call me). I make a kissy noise.


“Mowr?” Oliver calls from beside the bed, less than a foot from my face. I pat the bed beside me.



“Mowr?” Oliver calls from downstairs. “Mowr?”

Pit pat pit pat pit pat creak.


Pit pat pit pat.

“Mowr? Momowr? Mrowr?” Kissy noise from The Girl.


“Mowr?” From beside the bed. I pat the bed in front of me and Oliver jumps up and crawls under the covers. He purrs, stomps and headbutts me in the joy of finally finding me. After a couple minutes of telling him to lay down, I wrap my arms around him and pull him off his feet. After a few moment of washing the lotion off my hands, he puts his head down and begins to snore softly.

It’s a good thing he’s cute. And now…

Obi comes to bed:


Practically silent sound of a tongue lowering into the water of the coffee cup.


Slight creak of a bed spring as the brown kitten jumps onto the bed.

“Hi Baby,” from me as Obi plunks down on my feet.

The end.

Turkey Nap

Thanksgiving was on Thursday. I know you probably knew that, but I didn’t realize that it was a blog night until sometime in the middle of the night. So you got a long weekend off. Hope it was happy.

Also on Thanksgiving, The Boy and I forgot to have turkey. We went to the buffet at Little America. It is a huge affair with carving stations and shrimp and a made to order omelet station. And a dessert table with 16 desserts and a chocolate fountain. With all that going on, we just forgot to have turkey.

So we fixed that tonight.

I didn’t cook a whole turkey. I bought some breasts and we baked them. Obi was, as usual, irritated by my using the white box in the kitchen. In spite of his trepidation, though, I did not set off the smoke detector. I did dry out the turkey a bit, but it was okay.

While we were eating, Oli and Obi were doing their best not to covet our meals. To reward them I gave them each a piece of gizzard. They were not impressed. Evidently I am the only gizzard eater in the house.

To make up the gizzard episode to them, I let them lick the turkey juice out of the pan. They went to town on that pan.

After dinner, the kittehs joined me on the couch and we succumbed to the chemical wonders of turkey.



Thunder rolls

Obi has had the hardest time napping this week. So hard, in fact, he’s thinking about napping with me on the couch right now. Thank goodness for blogging apps for the phone.

This afternoon we had a little bit of rain. The storm rolled up the plains, slowly, over an hour. There was slow, low thunder that rolled up with it. Every time it thundered, Obi’s eyebrows would raise. He’d lift his head up to look at the window.

Then I got up and closed the windows – just before it started raining. Obi followed me from window to window crying “I was watching that!”

Yesterday we had a different kind of thunder. Motorcycle thunder. I don’t begrudge any man or woman the right to ride a motorcycle. And I realize that loud is, for some reason, cool. But our neighbor and his riding buddy like to sit outside his garage and rev. And rev. And rev. And rev. And idle. And rev.

I was disturbed. The cats were disturbed. Zensai was disturbed.

About ten seconds after I slammed the windows shut…they left.

Nap on.


Well, not in this picture. This is Oliver glaring at me for not sharing my tea. He’d been washing his brother, thirsty work. And Obi’s back there finishing the job.

Any Given Sunday

I don’t know if I mentioned that I took a seasonal job at one of those big box stores for taxes, which shall remain nameless. I probably shouldn’t have – it  is a real distraction from getting my work done at the whole self employment thing. Plus, and this is probably the worst thing ever, Kitten Thunder misses me when I work my nine hour shift on Saturday.

The Boy tells me that Oliver comes to him on Saturday afternoon and yells at him. Where is The Girl? What did The Boy do to her? Why did he let her leave? Is The Boy willing to lay down for a nap? Oliver needs a person to hold him down for his afternoon nap!

So on Sunday, Kitten Thunder gives me a lot of supervision. First, Oliver and I sleep very late. Very, very late. Then we drag ourselves out of bed and go to the couch to watch some TV via the OnDemand system because my favorite TV shows have all been scheduled for Friday evening and we’re still drinking beer when they come on. I love OnDemand.

Once I was done with that today – and checked to make sure that AMC hasn’t bothered to post last week’s episode of Mad Men on their OnDemand channel because they hate me – I put on some shorts and got our chairs out of the garage for some reading in the sun. In case you aren’t from Wyoming, it should not be 75 degrees until June. We are 30 degrees above the expected high temperature for this time of year. And tomorrow we’re expecting snow.

Obi was very upset about me being on OutTV. I should not have been out. I should have been in, kissing his ears as we watched OutTV together. It’s hard to read with a kitten crying at you from the window, but I managed to do it for a couple chapters. I fully intend to use my laptop for a show I’m developing for OutTV called The Girl Works in the Sun, debuting this summer.

To put the fuzzy minds of our household at ease, I came inside to watch the first two episodes of Mad Men on my computer. Have I mentioned Mad Men has bothered to post their shows OnDemand? Also, that they didn’t bother to advertise the premier AT ALL on ANYthing I watched so I didn’t even know it was on until The Boy suggested we watch it?

Anywho, Oliver and Obi and I went into my office and started up Mad Men. I rearranged the office last week so I had to clean some stuff off the bed in order to lay on it. Obi was excited until I made the bed – undoing all his hard unmaking work. Oli was excited until I laid down on the bed. I don’t know why that bothered him, but it did. Lucky for him, I didn’t lay down very long because AMC’s video player is crap and I had to keep getting up to reload it.

Oliver was much happier sitting on my lap at the desk.

Previous episodes watched, I went downstairs to work out during this week’s show. Obi did a thorough inspection of The Boy’s latest work of the train layout. Evidently The Boy is very sneaking about drilling 20 holes and running wire because neither Oli nor Obi supervised him while he did it yesterday. Obi says it looks okay to him. He brought up a couple questions when The Boy came home this evening.

And now we blog. I continue to be very closely supervised by both kittens. Of course, it has been a hard day so Oliver is laying in the condo and Obi is on the bed. And they are both watching me through closed eyelids.


Unrelated note: there was some mighty fine people watching at that tax place yesterday. For much of the morning there was a large, bald, tattooed man playing with a tiny puppy in the parking lot. Then a teenager rode by on a unicycle.

And then a guy showed up in a Volkswagon Fox and backed into a parking spot to go to another store. In January, a guy in a Volkswagon Fox backed into the exact same spot to go to another store so I figured it would be the same guy. Nope. The questions are many: how many Foxes are there in Cheyenne? Do they have a club? Is that widely regarded to be the best darn parking spot for  a Fox in the whole town? And why back in?

Have a great week. We’ll be thinking about you from sunny/snowy Cheyenne!


Brat attack!

You are mostly treated to stories of Obi and Oli being well behaved and cute. Usually they love each other. And it is cute. But sometimes they are bratty. And, well, that’s cute too.


This morning Obi was up on the mantle watching TV up close. It is cute enough that I don’t mind him sitting in front of the TV for a couple minutes each morning. But then he started batting at a decorative ball.

“Obi. Stop.”

Bat bat bat.

“Ah! Stop.”

The ball was abandoned temporarily and then pushed back into place when The Boy delivered the life-giving coffee. I’d have done it myself but Oliver and I were snuggling.


I was hard at work at my desk and Oliver was in the condo. Obi arrived and jumped up to the condo. In an unusual move, Oliver refused to share his space. Obi tried to lay to the right. Then the left. No dice.

Then Obi got the last laugh.

Obi stood on the ledges of the condo over Oliver. He closed his eyes and basked in the sunbeam. After a few minutes, Oli opened his eyes. Where was the heat from the sun? Being soaked up by the brown kitten.



I was laying on the couch after work, waiting for a grey kitten to appear. Eventually, he did. He jumped up and the couch and Obi snuck up and bit Oliver on the butt. Oli turned around and I pulled the blanket up over him.

Brown kitten! Obi leapt from the middle of the room and belly flopped onto the lump of brother.

Snuggle canceled; thunder on.


It’s Thunder Thursday! I think it’s only appropriate to show the latest Simon’s Cat film. Just like Obi – only Obi does it all on purpose.


And on an unrelated note: Mr. Bear is on the move again. After seeing him spend months laying face down on the rug in The Boy’s office, I finally took pity on the poor bear and set him, sitting up, against the book shelf so he could at least look out the window. That small action set him off. He has since moved into the kitchen, checked out the fridge, and moved into the hallway. He seems to be headed toward the living room.