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Detective Oliver and the Case of the Missing Mama

A blog by Oliver, dictated to…someone (we can’t tell you who, it would ruin the ending).

I was sleeping in my chair last night after dinner. It had been a long day of supervising The Girl as she worked on the couch. Plus, there was snow to watch on OutTV. So, understandably, I was exhausted.

The Girl had gone downstairs to work out and I’d assigned supervision duties to Obi. The Boy was on the couch watching television. I blinked for a moment and noticed Obi was on the couch with The Boy. I blinked again and The Girl was standing by me, kissing my head. She said something about going upstairs to read. I blinked again and she was gone. I blinked again and The Boy was also gone. I was alone. It was dark.

But where did my people go? If only I had some clues.

“PEOPLE!” I yelled. I heard some giggles from the second floor and a voice called “Oliver.” That’s me. I’m Oliver. But I couldn’t talk to the voice upstairs, I was looking for my Girl.

I checked the food bowl in the breakfast nook. She was not there.

“PEEEEEEEOOOOPLE!” I called again. From the second floor, another voice called “we’re up here, pudding head.” I could not be distracted by the voices. I had to find The Girl and The Boy. Funny, that second voice sounded a lot like The Boy’s, now that I think about it.

I continued to look for clues.

I looked down into the basement. It was dark. You might be surprised, but I deduced she wasn’t down there anymore. The Girl usually turns on lights when she goes down there. Eliminating the basement, there were only two options: The Girl was invisible on the main floor, or she was upstairs. With the voices.

I went to the stairs and climbed as far as the creaky step. I stopped to reconsider the invisibility possibility. I mean, this seems very likely and I hardly looked for her at all. “Girl?” I called. “GIRL?”

“Oliver Pi,” the first voice called from upstairs. “Come to bed.” It sounded a lot like her, but people all sound the same to me. Since The Girl didn’t respond to my calls on the first floor, I continued up to the bedroom to search some more.

Obi was laying on the foot of the bed, giving me a look. Obviously, he was looking to me for guidance on how we would find our people. He’s rather attached to The Boy.

Then, I heard it! Kissy noises! The tell tale sound of The Girl. I was so close to discovering her whereabouts. With one final turn, I rounded the foot of the bed. And there she was.

I jumped up onto the bed and crawled under the covers to comfort my Girl. I bumped her chin with my head a couple times and licked her cheek. I purred as hard as I could to let her know I will always find her, no matter how many times she gets lost in the house.

“You’re such a dork,” she said and hugged me to her chest. Dork, in case you don’t know, means “excellent detective.”