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Oliver hasn’t had a tremor in almost two weeks. We’re hoping to say good bye to them permanently, much like the mystery fevers from a few years back. But while we were trying to figure out the cause of the tremors we discovered an issue with his liver levels.

So today, after several weeks without steroids for his allergies, we went in to give more of his blood to check levels.

And to get his annual vaccinations.

And an allergy shot, if levels allowed.

Levels did not allow. The bad news is that Oliver has to give more blood in a couple months. The good news, for him, is that he’s switching to benadryl for his allergies. That means The Boy can’t call him spoiled when he demands treats each night while I’m taking my pills. Because he’ll need a pill too.

So there.

Shortly after bringing Oliver home I got a phone call about a cat lover’s basket I won at a silent auction on Friday. I ran right over, thinking it would be full of cat toys. Bribes.

I was wrong. It was a basket for me. Cat books, cat pajamas, etc.

Luckily, Kitten Thunder can find a silver lining for any cloud.




And I am forgiven.