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A Public Service Announcement

You may have noticed a lack of response to comments. I confess that is because I programmed my Sunday blog on Thursday and took off on a family vacation. I took The Boy with me. Brave man. He survived.

In case you ever have to drive across Wyoming, let me tell you a little fact. It takes four hours to drive from Rock Springs to Cheyenne. You can take four hours to get there by driving the speed limit, or you can speed and the highway patrol will be happy to let you cool your heels on the side of the road for a while.  Option two is great for the Wyoming economy. Option one is better for your personal economy.

Today was a great day for the Wyoming economy. We passed a patrol car with a gentleman from Colorado on the side of the road. A little bit later, a cute blue car from California came zipping up next to us. We realize, coming from one of those places where people drive faster than a mosey, that the Californian MAY have thought the highway patrol car behind him was just wanting him to get out of the way because California was only going 85 mph. Or, maybe he was thinking he’d scrape that HP off him like gum off a shoe by pulling in front of me with only feet to spare.

Wrong. On either account.

I glanced over at the HP to make sure he was interested in my new blue practically a hood ornament and let off my cruise control. I figure California definitely got a speeding ticket. If he had an attitude he also got a ticket for reckless driving or unsafe lane change.

To add to his bad day, California caught up to us a couple hours later as we were nearing Laramie. I’d been dealing with two SUVs that seemed to come without cruise control. They didn’t really want to go the speed limit, but they both felt compelled to be in front of me. Unfortunately for California, they were attracted to his sparkliness and zoomed ahead of us on the interstate with him. We watched them speed up to 90, then slow down to 70, then up to 90 mph well into the distance.

I wouldn’t have wished them on anyone, but I suppose California deserved them more than me.

There’s not much about Kitten Thunder in this blog because they stayed and had a vacation of their own. No people to wake up. No performances. Cuteness only for the sake of being cute. We weren’t punished when we got home. In fact, I got a full dose of snuggle Thunder while I watched TV this evening.

But it is time to go. Oliver said I could blog as long as I made it snappy. Now we have more snuggling to do.