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Cats, like shoes, are better air-dried.

I take you back to a day in my childhood. My mother and I are sitting in the living room watching TV.

“What’s that thunking sound?”

“Sounds like shoes in the dryer.”

“Oh.” After a couple minutes, “you’re not drying my shoes, are you? I hate dryer dried shoes.”

“You didn’t put shoes in the dryer?”


We looked at each other. We blinked. We ran to the laundry room.

Our kitten, Stasha, had climbed in the dryer when we weren’t looking. Of course cats like dryers – they’re warm and full of soft clothing that needs to be rehaired. Stasha was in the dryer for about five minutes. She panted for another fifteen minutes as her temperature slowly came down. Honestly, I think we cooked her brain a little bit. But that didn’t stop her from trying to get back in the dryer every time it was open.

Poco and Stoney have also managed to get dried – though not for nearly as long. See, we learn.

My Aunt Barb sent me this message: “Benjy says to tell you that since you did a blog on cats in boxes, you should also do one on cats in dryers – one of his favorite places.  It’s warm, it’s cozy, it’s soft and fluffy!”

I couldn’t agree more, Barb, but with my history with cats, yours is going to have to model this idea on this the Thunder Thursday.

"The laundry police called. They say you're being cited for not separating your colors from your kittens."


"What? YOU sing in the shower."


“Don’t forget the dryer sheet; I hate static cling.”

 While we’re talking about laundering cats, Lori – of Thundersitting fame – got a new car with a fascinating feature that I simple MUST have in my next car.

Let your cat dry completely before folding or it will crease and no amount of ironing will fix it.