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Super Bowl

You may have heard…there was a big game today. And, since Denver is just 90 minutes downhill from Cheyenne, we have a larger than average number of Broncos fans here. So, this year, I actually watched the game AND the commercials. We did stay home to watch it because the commercials and the conversations about those commercials on Twitter are important to me.

Plus. Sad Broncos fans.

But there were important things learned today.

First, Oliver loves the Kitten Bowl. We watched it while we were waiting for the pregame commentary to finish up. Oli, personally, could have watched it all night. By the end of the game, The Boy was thinking HE would rather watch the Kitten Bowl. Okay, not really.

KittenBowlSecond, The Boy has never heard of the Puppy Bowl. I switched over at half time to try to watch feline half time. It wasn’t on. But there was a big puppy picking on a chihuahua and I started yelling “unnecessary roughness! Where’s the ref?” The Boy had just enough time to give me a weird look before the ref stepped in and made the call, telling the big puppy to play with dogs his own size.

Third, If Tail is giving you attitude and you grab him to keep him from slapping the grey kitten in the face? You can wag a brown kitten. Obi joined Oliver on my lap. When I held his tail down, he wagged himself right off the couch. This, evidently, was my fault.

Fourth, Twitter is the best thing ever for nights like this. Not only did I get to enjoy snarky comments – about Chrysler’s ad agency not realizing they’re owned by Italians, and Jaguar forgetting they are owned by an Indian company, plus thousands of Americans losing their minds over Coca-Cola recognizing that our country is multicultural (some clever tweets, some just really sad) – I also got to follow the Puppy Bowl, the Kitten Bowl, AND the Super Bowl at the same time. Plus, did you know there was also a FISH BOWL!?! I didn’t find out about that until the end.

Fifth, The Boy and I can spend five minutes trying to combine the words Twitter and snarky. It is not possible to say “twnarky.”

Sixth, did you just try to say “twnarky?” You did. I know you did.

Seventh, Oliver snuggles for approximately 22 minutes at a time. Then he has to get up to eat something. Then he comes back. Then he gets up to grab a sip of water. Then he comes back to snort the water he inhaled onto me. Then he gets up for a snack. Then he comes back. Then he needs to pee…

Eighth, if you laugh at commercials you will disturb the kittens.

It’s rude to disturb the kittens.

So, in summary. Twitter? Good. Commercials? Good. Game? We weren’t bowled over.



Super Bowl Thunder

Kitten Thunder is as into football as The Boy and I. Which is…not. But being in the communications industry makes Super Bowl commercials my favorite event of the year. This year we decided that getting dressed for a party was too much so we stayed in our sweats and watched from the couch.

Actually, Oliver and I watched from the couch. The Boy was working on train stuff in the basement and Obi helped him.

The most important take away from tonight’s game: the era of awesome, over the top commercials is over. There wasn’t a single ad worth sitting through football for. At least the game was good.

When halftime arrived and the announcers started telling us about things we just saw, Oli and I flipped to Animal Planet for the kitten half time of the Puppy Bowl. Oli was not interested. This surprised me because AP’s Funniest Pet Home Videos used to stop him in his tracks.

What he was interested in? Madonna. He rolled over so he could watch the whole thing. As soon as it was over he rolled back over and went to sleep.

Later, The Boy came upstairs and Obi arrived from the top floor. Kitten Thunder practiced tackling each other for a while.

Obi was in the kitchen getting a snack when the quarterback was sacked. Oli saw it on the screen and fell to the floor. He stretched out with his hands above his head.

I guess Oliver is a Pats fan.


Happy birthday, Grandpa!