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I’m a big believer in shopping locally, but that doesn’t always translate into buying locally. Like when I can save $120 for a nonprofit client by avoiding Office Depot’s crazy markup.

Or when the regional metalworking store estimates the equipment I need to TRY a new technique will cost me $70 and I can find it online for less than half that – this, I suspect, was a communications/inventory issue and I will continue to check with them first.

Or when I can’t find a pair of high waisted, tight exercise pants in town at all. Until I found one ugly pair, finally, for about a mortgage payment ON CLEARANCE.

Anyway, The Boy and I have gotten some packages lately. And Kitteh Thunder has added on to the fortress.




And, since the weather is nicer today, I added to the cave.




But when The Girl giveth, she must also taketh away. While refreshing the tissue paper and packing paper I discovered some peed on paper.

No, Obi doesn’t know why his brother confused the watch tower with the water closet.


A Life Less Miserable


Life for Kitten Thunder was more tolerable today than it usually is. For one thing, Oliver has broken the fortress in perfectly. He has spent a good portion of the day laying there. So comfortable. And brother free.

Then, while laying in the fortress, Oliver saw something amazing! His condo!



Although Oliver has actually seen the condo in the dining room before – and been placed in it repeatedly – it didn’t occur to him that this could be a suitable napping spot. Today he hopped right up in it and settled in for an extended nap.

Did I know, he queried, that you can see the whole front of the house out this window? And that there is bread right here, inches away, that squirrels will come and eat while sitting on the sill?

OutTV and napping are an excellent combination.

Obi is also less miserable today. His Boy came home yesterday. They are almost caught up on the belly rubbing.



I’ve been meaning to say this for three weeks: Hi Grandma! I’m glad your knee surgery went well! Hugs, kisses and purr therapy from Cheyenne.