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The DeReEmasculation

Obi has very coarse hair which really needs to be brushed almost daily. When he doesn’t get brushed, he gets matted. Luckily, Obi loves the brushing. Looooooves getting brushed.

Unfortunately, his preference for brushing is for pleasure and sometimes he objects to attention to certain spots. Like his armpits. And his…legpits.

Recently we’ve noticed matted furballs between said legpits. We think Obi was attempting to regrow his, er, “boy bits.” He was doing a pretty good job, actually.

Sadly for the faux bits, they fell victim to the scissors when The Boy and I trimmed Obi’s mats last night. Poor bits.

Obi, king of mellow, just laid back in my lap and watched it happen. He even stretched a leg out to show us some matted fur we would have missed. When Poco had to be trimmed there was almost always blood shed. Mine.


In an ongoing update of the super cruds: I feel almost 100% better but my voice is gone. I have to get two inches from The Boy’s ear to be heard. It creeps the cats out.

Oliver is limping, even on the double drugs. On the good side, he woke me up and begged for breakfast this morning. That hasn’t happened for weeks. So a little good, a little bad.

A full day of purr therapy has gone a long way for both of us.


Have a great week, everyone. Thunder on!