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Resolved: The Girl ought to spend more time at home

This weekend I volunteered to judge a speech meet for one of the local high schools. As a former Lincoln-Douglas debater, I have a skill that is much coveted by the current debaters. There is nothing quite as horrifying as a judge, however well meaning, who is unfamiliar with the event.

And so I go.

I left the house at 2 p.m. Friday and got home just before 10. Then I started Saturday out right, in Oliver’s opinion, by getting up and feeding him at 5:30 in the morning (shudder). Then things went terribly wrong for the grey kitten.

I did not go back to bed.

I did not lay on the couch and watch movies with him all morning.

Instead, I got dressed and returned to the speech meet. I didn’t return until it was time for The Boy and I to go out to dinner. When we returned, I went directly to my office to finish Tidbits for the week.

When I finally got to the couch it was almost bedtime and Oliver offered his own resolution: that we should sleep in on Sunday and spend all morning snuggling.

I stood in firm affirmation of this resolution.


My grey kitten and I did sleep in. Then we stayed in bed and he let me rub his foot like a lucky rabbit’s foot while I finished my book. Obi joined us for a nap. It was midafternoon before we left the bedroom.

And it was wonderful.