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The Long Week

The short week that follows a long weekend is always SO long. Kitten Thunder has been needing many naps that I haven’t had time to take with them.

Last night, after The Boy and I had some beer, the kittehs got me under a blanket and got some super napping done before bedtime.


But, after a long day – long because Oliver was up at 5 a.m. to start waking me for breakfast – the kittehs were ready for a nap by 4 p.m.

And I was part of their equation.


Here, Girl.



The Boy’s train club had their annual Christmas party this evening. The most important thing you need to know is that not one but TWO people asked me for the recipe for my baked apples. This isn’t something that happens. Ever.

Obi would point out that we’re lucky we survived me cooking.

We made out pretty well with the door prizes. We have a new jigsaw puzzle, just in time for Christmas. Sitting at the dining room table with coffee – and a dash of Irish Cream – working on a puzzle reminds me of my grandma. And Obi loves puzzles.

We’re still finding pieces from last year’s puzzle.

We also have a whole bunch of new coffee mugs, one travel mug, and a gift card. Plus! We won the big prize: a handmade, train themed quilt. Our friend Candy really wanted it and HER boy is in a lot of trouble for lending The Boy cash to buy tickets because we forgot to bring real money.

Kitten Thunder is very excited about the quilt.




They hope we never take it out of the bag.