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Once again, I am perplexed by the kittens. I guess Obi needed to charge something yesterday. But, by the time he got to the hallway, he must have realized that whatever he was charging wasn’t an Apple product.



On Tuesday, the weather changed in Cheyenne. We are now enjoying temperatures near freezing rather than below zero. The change, as always, was ushered in by big wind. BIG wind. Like 62 mph here in town wind.

So, when The Boy was leaving for work and noticed our trash and recycling bins trying to escape down the alley, he put them in the driveway. The recycling bin ended up under my office window.

No problem.

At first.

Then, as I was typing away on the couch yesterday afternoon, Oliver started screaming. It was a weird, “I need help” type scream. I was up and into my office in moments. And I found…

Oliver looking out the window.

And Obi looking out the window.

At first they looked totally normal and I was irritated by the scream for help. Then I went up to the window and touched Oliver on the back. He leaped into the air and screamed. He bumped Obi who leaped into the air and screamed. The both puffed up and hissed at me. At each other. At the window.

And out in the driveway I noticed the black cat that kept fighting other cats out there this summer. I’m thinking he had jumped up on the recycling bin and looked in the window at my sleeping kitties.

So I moved the recycling bin. Problem solved.

EXCEPT, just now as I was writing this, it happened again. Oliver screamed. I ran into the office to find Oli and Obi in a full on battle on the floor. I risked life and limb to separate them. The black cat was in the driveway. My guess is that Oliver woke up, saw the black kitten, and started puffing up and screaming. And Obi woke up fighting, thinking he was being attacked. So Oliver fought back.

Now that things have calmed down, Oliver is trying to apologize to his brother. Obi is TICKED OFF. ¬†As I held Obi, Oliver came up to us and licked Obi’s ears. Obi smacked him and stormed off into the living room.

He’ll wash himself, thankyouverymuch.




Ode to the Kitteh

I have no intention of giving up my day job. This should have been posted in April for National Poetry Month. Maybe it is better not to insult such a month with such bad poetry. So…with my apologies to all those English teachers who let me stay in the advanced class because they know I can do better than this…

Hey kitteh kitteh
You are so pretteh.
On a chair
On the couch
I love your hair
I love your pauch.

Hey kitty kitty
Oh my so pretty.
On my head
Or on my legs,
If I stay in bed
For food he begs.

Hey kitten kitten
With whom I’m smitten,
On hip lips
Or on his ears
I give my kiss
While he snears.

Hey cat cat
You are a brat.
On my paper
In my book,
Whilst I labor
You lay where I look.