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Missed Fortune Kitty

When The Boy and I went the California last fall, I bought three tiny fortune kitties in China Town. When I say tiny I mean all three had plenty of elbow room sitting on a quarter together.

Once I got home I set them up on the shelf on my desk in my office. One day, while Obi was showing me how well he doesn’t fit between the monitors and the wall, one of the kitties fell of the shelf. Before I had a chance to react, Obi pounced and scooted the kitty off my desk and onto the floor.

And he’s gone.

The kitty, not my brown kitten.

I can not find that fortune kitty anywhere. I’ve moved the rug. I’ve gotten a flashlight and checked under all the furniture. I’ve swiped the magic toy making stick under everything. And, wherever he is, he got lost in the seconds it took me to save the other two fortune kitties, scold Obi, and crawl under the desk.

So the questions:
Is it bad luck to lose a fortune kitty or do you just lose the luck you would have gotten? And if it is bad luck…whose luck is it?