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Sleepy face

The Boy is an early riser. When  we get up in the morning? Sleepy face, I has it.

Oliver works so hard in the morning, trying to convince us to feed him and his brother before they starve to death. So after breakfast he snuggles into my lap for a well earned rest. When I tell him I have to get up for work? Sleepy face, he has it.

"The awakeness, it pains me."

Obi has to be cute and fluffy all day long. He has to greet his people at the door, lead them to the belly rubbing rug, and then get said belly rubbed. This is exhausting. So when we finally settle in one location he gets to take a nap. If we move to another room and ask if he wants to go? Sleepy face, he has it.

"Be gone, vile human, until it is time for breakfast."

The Boy, being an early riser, is also an early sleeper. He almost always falls asleep on the evil couch before bedtime. When I nudge him and suggest he go upstairs to bed to get a decent night of sleep? Sleepy face, boy does he ever have it.

Zensai lives in a tank. He’s cold blooded, ten years old and he brumates for four months out of the year. Sleepy face? No, that’s his usual crabby face.

"If I can't eat it or drink it, it should get the heck out of my face."


It’s Thunder Thursday! Today I bring you Mutt and Jeff from Life is a Bowl of Kibble. This blog almost made me want a dog. Because sometimes, every once in a rare while, dogs are as entertaining as cats.