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OutTV Mysteries: Solved

Today was the last day of my birding class. MUCH more enjoyable without a headache. We even tested that theory by replaying the coot call. And what did we learn, boys and girls?

Thanks to NPS.gov for the photo!

First. FIRST! We figured out what Frankenbird was! I feel very bad about how I described him…because he was a perfectly healthy turkey vulture. As you can see, they have long necks with a thick turtleneck looking thing – which I thought was a deformity. And the young one I saw hadn’t developed the red head so he was just patchy and bald looking. So, that’s what he is. I found this out because what I thought were ravens floating on the updrafts by our house are actually turkey vultures. I’m going for a closer look next time I see them.

Second, in May we get an influx of yellow birds. We thought it was many

Check out this awesome blog for photos like this one! http://drewsbirds.blogspot.com

different kinds but, in fact, it is the same bird but the female goldfinch kind of gets ripped of. It’s like humans – why do boys have great eyelashes and an easier time staying fit? Our girl goldfinches are sometimes even less pretty than this one – they are more grey and don’t have the nice wing patterns. The boys are just exactly that handsome.

And third, we learned what Oliver’s new breakfast bell is. Every morning we hear this sound and it wakes him up and gets him thinking about breakfast. If I needed any confirmation that this is the bird I was looking for, I just got it. As soon as I started playing videos for this, Obi and Oli appeared on the desk. They WANT that bird – they’re searching everywhere for it.

Bird class: well worth the price in order to be the OutTV Guide.


It’s Thunder Thursday! Today we feature the brand new kittens born out at Terry Bison Ranch this week. Sooooo cute. That mama cat is dangerously close to a striped calico – Kitten Thunder might be closer to getting a sister than I thought!

Attack of the Bed Monster

My apologies to blog subscribers for the email earlier. Evidently, there’s no way to get videos off my phone other than to send it to Facebook. Weird.


The Boy turned Obi into a bed monster and left Oliver to deal with it.

Once Oli left, Obi was all alone in his monsterness.

The Bed Monster: Variations

I play Bed Monster with both of the boys. But it isn’t the same game. In fact, it is so different from one to the other that it is a little silly that those two games have the same name.

Oliver the Bed Monster Slayer
If Oliver come to help make a bed or if I’m laying in bed reading, we play Bed Monster. I pinch a bit of the lower sheet and pull it up quickly before releasing it. It spreads a ripple of air across the bed. A bed monster. Oliver will dig and dig, jump away, then leap in to dig again. If the top sheet is on, I can wriggle my fingers underneath and he will dig at them.

Obi Wan Kittenobi, Bed Monster
If it is Obi’s turn to help make the bed, or in most cases if he can talk me into it while I’m brushing my teeth, he becomes the bed monster. I lift the top sheet so he can run under while it settles back to the mattress. Then I tease him by scratching a little ahead of him and a little to the side. Then the other side. On occasion I will gitchy gitchy him in the side and he’ll fall over to kick at my hand. Eventually he’ll work his way to an edge of the sheet and become a cute brown kitten again.

Bed Monster Combo
You would think that, combined, there’s a lot of potential for these two game variations. I mean, these kittens love to thunder. And there would be a monster and a hunter. But the potential goes unfulfilled. This weekend we have attempted to combine the games for two mornings.

It starts with Oli and I snuggling. As long as I feed him at dawn, Oliver has zero problem with me sleeping in. He’ll help, in fact. Eventually Obi will come along. He doesn’t want to snuggle. He’ll lay on the other side of the bed – well out of arm’s reach – and blink at me for a while. Then he starts looking for a way under the covers. My helping him with the sheet invariably disturbs grey kitten.

With Obi converted into a bed monster, I started to scratch the bed near Oli’s feet. The bed monster came closer. Oliver looked at me, questioning. Another scratch. A couple inches closer. Another scratch. WHAM! A bed monster lunged into Oli’s feet.

He was appalled.

I got a look of disgust as the grey kitten walked away. He went to find out if The Boy was doing something more civilized.

I was disappointed. But then I remembered I had a bed monster to gitchy.

Side note: A little red line indicates that my software thinks I am misspelling “gitchy.” HA! This from a software that also doesn’t agree with my spelling of whap, scritch or anywho. Sheesh.