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The Guilt Spiral

This is how things work at the Thunder house:

The doorbell rang. I was eating lunch in my office and I thought about not answering it. I hardly ever do – no one needs to know I work from home. I grabbed my quesadilla and peeked toward the street from the kitchen. No car. Someone going door to door.

The doorbell rang again. Fine. I answered it.

I’m going to stop this story for a minute to say I can’t imagine that door to door evangelism can possibly work. Are there really people sitting at home in the middle of the day, munching on their lunch, and thinking “gee, I could really use a new god right now”? And if there are, would you want them in your church?

I’m sure you realize that last paragraph wasn’t unrelated. It was two ladies who wanted to know if I still had hope for human kind and then they started reading the Bible at me. AT me. And then they wanted to know if I felt uplifted by what they said.

I have no idea what they said.

While they were reading, I was holding my lunch in one hand and noticing that Kitten Thunder was making a break for it. These two cats have never been outside. They don’t rush the door. The one time Obi escaped – I’m convinced he got outside by accident – he got a paddling and ran any time I even looked toward the door for a month. I take keeping them safe and inside very seriously. So don’t even ask me why they were trying to get out. 

Maybe THEY were considering a new god?

Anyhow, Oliver was dissuaded by a foot blocking him but Obi was out the door already. I grabbed him by his back skin – it was the only thing I could get – and yanked him back in. He cried, mostly from surprise. The back up Bible reader cried out. “They’re INDOOR cats,” I said and slammed the screen door. I then politely explained that I was on my lunch hour and didn’t have time to explore my relationship with God with them. They said okay and they’ll consider stopping by later.

I won’t be answering the door.

Once they were gone, I apologized to Obi. He was good once he found out he wasn’t in trouble anymore. We hugged. I gave him some ear kisses. He went off to nap.

Oliver, though, is full of remorse for his brother getting in trouble. Oliver, my little grey ball of stress, has been laying on my lap since the incident. Actually, an arm and my lap; this makes it hard to work. He’s been purring with all his might to get me happy again. He just left. Probably to toss his tuna somewhere because the drama has given him a tummy ache.

So now I have guilt from both cats. And typing this story out has renewed the guilt from spanking my cat two years ago. I need to go find the grey kitten for some purr therapy.

Obi just stretched and rolled over. Nap.


Nap time!

The grandpeople have left after a weekend of successful eating and semi-successful shopping. We saw trains and plants and shoes, oh my!

Oliver did his best hosting, laying on my mom’s lap for an hour. Obi was doing all his best cute stuff.

We were tired. A nap has been on our mind for days.

So, when my parents left I settled under a blanket on the couch. I expected that Kitten Thunder would join me in napping right away.

And they did.

Sort of.



I went outside to see the eclipse and the sun is shining….and it is raining. Is this a sign of the apocalypse?

Happy Valentine’s to Oliver

The Boy and I don’t really celebrate today’s holiday, fondly called Single’s Awareness Day in our house. But Kitten Thunder got extra love.

It started at lunch time. I woke up this morning with dark circles under my eyes, so dark it looks like someone punched me. By lunch I was melting. It was definitely time for a nap. Oliver was happy to help.

Back at work this afternoon, Obi snuggled in my lap. He was laying on his back with his feet in the air so I could rub his belly. At one point I realized he was late for the afternoon nap. When I looked down, though, he was snoozing with his chin on his chest.

The Boy came home from work to find Oli and I under a blanket on the couch. More snuggle for the grey kitten.

Three naps later, I am still tired. Stupid cold. But Oliver thinks this will end up being the perfect wrap up to the holiday. Nothing says love like fuzzy pajamas and calling it an early night. That, and a furry purr face.

Multiple Choice

"I'm still supervising. You're doing fi-zzzzzz."

1. What wore this kitten out?
a) Thundering
b) Napping
c) Beadwork
d) Zumba class

The correct answer is c. I was restringing a necklace for a friend. Obi helped.

2. How long did it take to exhaust Obi?
a) 5 minutes
b) 10 minutes
c) 30 minutes
d) An hour

The correct answer is b. Beading is hard work.

3. Why is beading such hard work for a kitten?
a) Eating string is hard work.
b) Gagging as The Girl pulls the string back up is hard work.
c) Jumping back and forth across The Girl’s lap as she moves the bead tray is hard work.
d) Chasing two strings at once is hard work.

The answer is all of the above. In regard to a and b, Obi says that cat gut is commonly used in the manufacture of jewelry.

4. Where was Oliver during all this?
a) On the back of the couch, supervising.
b) Taking a nap.
c) Also helping.
d) Trying to start a Thunder.

Again, the answer is all of the above. Ten minutes is a long time when you multitask as well as Oli.

5. Where is Kitten Thunder now?
a) Taking a nap before bedtime.
b) In bed.
c) Helping blog.
d) Doing post-Zumba stretches.

The answer is a. They are both napping on the back of the couch. If you answered d, maybe you should start this quiz over.