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OutTV Mysteries: Solved

Today was the last day of my birding class. MUCH more enjoyable without a headache. We even tested that theory by replaying the coot call. And what did we learn, boys and girls?

Thanks to NPS.gov for the photo!

First. FIRST! We figured out what Frankenbird was! I feel very bad about how I described him…because he was a perfectly healthy turkey vulture. As you can see, they have long necks with a thick turtleneck looking thing – which I thought was a deformity. And the young one I saw hadn’t developed the red head so he was just patchy and bald looking. So, that’s what he is. I found this out because what I thought were ravens floating on the updrafts by our house are actually turkey vultures. I’m going for a closer look next time I see them.

Second, in May we get an influx of yellow birds. We thought it was many

Check out this awesome blog for photos like this one! http://drewsbirds.blogspot.com

different kinds but, in fact, it is the same bird but the female goldfinch kind of gets ripped of. It’s like humans – why do boys have great eyelashes and an easier time staying fit? Our girl goldfinches are sometimes even less pretty than this one – they are more grey and don’t have the nice wing patterns. The boys are just exactly that handsome.

And third, we learned what Oliver’s new breakfast bell is. Every morning we hear this sound and it wakes him up and gets him thinking about breakfast. If I needed any confirmation that this is the bird I was looking for, I just got it. As soon as I started playing videos for this, Obi and Oli appeared on the desk. They WANT that bird – they’re searching everywhere for it.

Bird class: well worth the price in order to be the OutTV Guide.


It’s Thunder Thursday! Today we feature the brand new kittens born out at Terry Bison Ranch this week. Sooooo cute. That mama cat is dangerously close to a striped calico – Kitten Thunder might be closer to getting a sister than I thought!


Meow here, meow there

Everywhere a meow meow.

I was working out in the basement this week. After half an hour on the stationery bike, I headed to the floor for sit ups. A comforter was bunched up to the side – something we sit on once in a while. I didn’t think anything of it as I started with the sit ups. Then I did some bench presses with my dumbbells. As I lowered my weight down to the comforter, the blanket squeaked. Obi had managed to crawl into the pile of blanket.

Workout forgotten, silliness ensued.


Oliver wants everyone to know where he is this weekend. He doesn’t want us to come find him. He doesn’t want us with him. He just wants us to know where he is. He doesn’t get why this is so hard for us to understand.

We don’t get why he keeps talking if he doesn’t want attention.


I was taking a shower yesterday and Obi started crying on the other side of the curtain. I looked outside to see what he wanted.

Nothing. Just singing.


The noise has subsided here in the Thunder household. Oliver, upon hearing that we need to take his temperature tonight, has disappeared. Obi is taking advantage of this opportunity to sneak in some solo snuggle time with The Girl.

Its a lovely Sunday night.