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Winter Sweaters

The weather has turned colder which means the furnace is on. I am enjoying my large sweater collection. The blankets are out. And Kitten Thunder is wearing their warm clothing…namely, each other.



The Tale of Two Nudists

Oliver and Obi don’t wear clothes. Ever. End of story.

"Don't look, I'm not dressed!"

The Boy is becoming a very good cat owner. He is in tune with Kitten Thunder. Yesterday, he could tell just by how Oliver was walking that he wasn’t feeling well. Of course, I already knew that Oli was going to toss his tuna as soon as I opened their can of food. Somehow I managed to buy a can of dark cat food. Oli can’t keep red and brown cat food down. But I thought it was worth a shot.

And twenty minutes later I was rewarded for my risk. Can we all agree that cleaning up warm vomit is the grossest thing on earth? I about tossed my own tuna.

In addition to yesterday’s bit of genius, The Boy once identified Oli’s “I’m about to toss my tuna” cry from across the house. That was really something because he heard that tone and I didn’t. And I am VERY familiar with that cry.

Kitten Thunder is helping me blog tonight. And by “helping” I mean:

"Don't forget to...zzzzz"

"Remember spellcheck doesn't catch everything."

For Thunder Thursday, we bring you my friend Lori’s cat(ish), Goblin.

“Wait!” You say. “We met Goblin on Tuesday and he was moving to Florida.” You say. Well…

“A little bit jungle, a little bit box and a little bit playland. Paradise.”

Goblin was really happy to see his people. Unfortunately, after a whole day and a whole night of being locked in a bedroom to make sure he’d catch his plane, he escaped through a hole in a screen in a window. He did not catch his flight.

So now things are up in the air. Goblins people love him. Lori loves him. We all know he is happy in Cheyenne where he can go outside and hunt as he pleases. We’re pretty sure he’d also like the beach. It is really hard to decide what to do when all the options are good. For now, Goblin is staying.

So, welcome home, Gobbles.


Just a note to send our sympathies out to Hoody Hoo. Luci, one of the kittens, was anemic and just not meant to spend long with us. It is hard to find a silver lining when faced with the death of a beloved fuzzy. If there were such a lining it would be this: Hoody’s big heart meant that Luci got to spend her whole life with her brother and sister. And in Hoody’s loving home.