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A public service announcement from The Girl

In the middle of the night you might get up to go to the bathroom and decide that you do not need to tie the drawstring on your pajamas because you will soon be laying down again. Think again. It turns out that tying the drawstring is a vital step to keeping said string with your pajamas.

I’m not saying Kitten Thunder stole the string.

I am saying I found it in the cave in the living room this morning.

That is all.


Pajama day

In light of the very long week, with all the working and travel and sick kittens, Oliver and I declared today a Pajama Day. We slept in.

We reeeeaaaaally slept in.

When we got up, Obi, Oli and I ventured downstairs. They attempted to convince me they were starving. I reminded them that it was me who fed them at 7 a.m. when they thought they were starving.

So we snuggled in on the couch. When The Boy came back from the store I lost Obi to the more active person. But Oli and I remained.

And remained.

And remained.

At some point The Boy provided dinner. Which wore us out and we had to have a snuggle.

Soon – after the 20th anniversary episode of Absolutely Fabulous – we will venture off the couch. I need to take a shower and change into different pajamas in time to have a nap before bedtime.