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Two by Two…

Just a few hours after my family left on Sunday, the drain in the laundry room backed up. The Boy came down to move his clothes from the washing machine at the same time Obi and I, already downstairs, walked around the corner to find out what was glubbing. We arrived at Lake Laundry Room at the same time.

The water, luckily, was only that coming from the washing machine so the lake stopped in the hallway. And the water went down immediately when the washing machine was done. We have a half circle of very wet carpet. Life had to go on on Monday, and The Boy’s boss is less okay with nudists than mine (me), so one more load of laundry had to be done.

And before that, I needed to take the world’s fastest shower because Obi and I had been working out when the first calls for an ark came. I left the brown kitten on the stairs to supervise the drain with The Boy – we wanted to see if water would come from the shower as well.

Quick shower completed, I was putting on pajamas when I heard frantic crying from Obi. I rushed to the hallway. Obi, head poked around the corner from his place on the stairs, was calling: “GIRL! I CAN’T GET TO YOU! THE FLOOR IS SOGGY! COME HERE!”

I got a kiss from Obi for luck and took a running leap over the lake, landing on the other side with dry feet.

The plumber came today and liberated a cat-sized swamp minion from the floor drain. I’m happy to say he also rotorooted a kabillion tree roots from our sewer main; calling professionals in for just cat hair would have been really embarrassing.

And the lake has subsided. Orders for an ark have been canceled.


On a tangential, Biblical, note, the grocery store had what I assume was a Passover display. I got myself some Matzo. And this is what I know:

1. Eating matzo on the couch is not a really good idea.
2. Kitten Thunder also loves themselves some matzo.
3. Kittehs, in this case, are as effective as a vacuum.

Problem solved.