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It has been several weeks since we got a new rug. Obi does not approve. At least, that’s what I’m supposed to think. The Boy, though, tells me otherwise.

When I’m not in the room, Obi will get his belly rubbed on the rug. If I am on the couch he will not. He’ll go to the rug and let The Boy pet him or brush him. And he’ll wander around looking lost.

This evening we proved that it is me that he’s trying to impress with his dissatisfaction. Best Kitteh Sitter in the World, Lori, came over for some quality porch time. While I was in the kitchen getting a beer, Lori greeted the kittehs. She rubbed Obi’s belly. On the rug as she has been trained to do.

I walked in.

The brown kitten jumped up.

Brush me, he said. But the damage was done. I had seen the belly. The rubbing. The joy.


Kitten Thunder is still enjoying their pile of tissue paper. Today it caused a battle. A battle of laser kitty proportion.





Who won? They both did. When they decided to climb into the gift bag instead.