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What the noses knew

One thousand.

Three hundred.


Miles. Ugh.

The Boy and I took a five day road trip to Yellowstone National Park this week. It is a very long drive from Cheyenne and we just got back a couple hours ago. Kitten Thunder is so happy we are back.

Obi met us at the door and immediately demanded a belly rub. Then he and Oli demanded food. Then Obi was ready for a belly rub.

When it was my turn for the belly rubbing, Obi grasped my hand to him in a desperate way. He kicked with his feet and gnawed on my knuckle. It was adorable.

Less adorable? The presents that Oliver left around the house. It is a good thing he has so many good qualities.

Since arriving home, Obi has almost gotten caught up on the belly rubbing. Oli and I have snuggled.

All is well with the world…

For 36 hours before I leave again for a work trip. Send your positive thoughts to The Boy, for he will be staying behind.