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Day one

Today was my first day of self employment. Just as important, it was Kitten Thunder’s first day of having a new work schedule. The problem? I don’t think anyone told them about the change.

In their defense, it has been a weird week. I was home early on Friday. Then, on Saturday, The Boy and I headed off for Christmas part two with my family. We were sneaky about it and Oliver didn’t know we were going until The Boy pulled his suitcase out at the last minute.

We returned last night.

So this morning, when we got up and prepared for work as usual, there was no reason for Kitten Thunder to think anything was different. I had a meeting all morning so I returned at lunch time. Then…I didn’t leave.

Obi stayed with me until I ate lunch and went back to my computer. But, when I was done for the day, I looked around and found I was alone. Hmmmm. I found Kitten Thunder upstairs taking their afternoon naps.


We’ll see how it goes tomorrow.

On another note, Oliver is limping. Of course he is. Because nothing makes a person feel good about self employment like unexpected expenses ON THE FIRST DAY they don’t have a guaranteed income. Grrr. Let’s hope this limp, if it is the dreaded Fever Of Unknown Origin returning, decides to make a quick exit with just one round of antibiotics.

Keep your fingers crossed for him. And if you hear a haunting sound coming from our region tomorrow at 9 a.m., it is us…taking a c-a-r to the v-e-t.