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Welcome Home

So we got home from our camping trip on Monday. Our original plan was to come home on Sunday night, but we were really tired the week before when we got home at midnight…we thought a good night’s sleep and a drive home Monday was a better plan. We slept. We had breakfast. We rubbed Cousin Jigger’s belly.


And then, four hours later, we were home.

Oliver was starving to death. It had been A YEAR since Lori, bestest kitteh sitter in the world, had fed them. Or 18 hours. One of those. Regardless, food was his top priority.

After their meal, Kitten Thunder set to punishing us for being gone. Oliver settled on the dining room table where he could fix me with a hard glare. Obi, though, does not have such restraint. He needed his belly rubbed. And he really needed a good brushing. He danced around The Boy, trying to get his face brushed while The Boy tried to brush the back and belly.

Then Obi decided to do a little camping of his own in a pillow tent.


About an hour later, I was still being punished. Obi came to forgive me. Oliver saw this and ran across the house to shove the brown kitten out of the way – if I was to be forgiven, the grey kitten needed a snuggle.

Today I worked mostly from home. Mostly with a cat draped over my forearms. As I type this, there is a grey kitten on my arms and I can’t see the keyboard. Obi has taken his turns as well.

And if I have to get up to use the facilities (and oh, how I appreciate facilities after three days of unimproved wilderness)? Obi has that covered as well.


Plight of the Mama’s Boy

Poor Oliver. Not 24 hours after returning home from vacation, I left on a work trip. He had to snuggle with The Boy. He had to push under the covers at night with The Boy. He had to get breakfast this morning from The Boy.

Perhaps I should say poor Boy.

Travel is over and I am happy to be home. Oliver is behind me on the guest bed pummeling poor Mr. Bear. A week ago that bear had some structure. He’s now reduced to a puddle of fake fur and a little bear-sized sweater. That’s a whole lot of kneading in seven days.

Oliver is ready to go back to the couch. He has the need to knead me some more. And Obi wouldn’t object to another foot snuggle. He’s no mama’s boy…but he still likes having me back. He guesses. If you need him to say something like that. And if I need to smooth his brow and kiss his head…well, that might be okay.

For Thunder Thursday, we bring you Kelly’s…Mustang Sally.

Sometimes you gotta slow your Mustang down.


All siblings love bunk beds, right?


Oliver thinks HE has problems with cooties...