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Creative Differences

A letter from Oliver:

As you know, My Girl has been making a quilt square for The Boy’s train club. This, plus the book, plus that work stuff she does has reduced my snuggle time to unacceptable levels. So when she mentioned to Obi and me that we could finish her sewing while she was gone last night, we considered it.

But then we realized that one of us would have to drive the loud bobby part and one of us would have to push down the pedal. As Obi was suggestion that my higher level of subdermal fluffiness made me a better candidate for pushing the pedal – I’m not sure exactly what that means but it felt like an insult – I remembered that our help wasn’t really appreciated a couple weekends ago when My Girl was making a receiving blanket.

I’ve been meaning to comment on this Andrew guy and “allergies”… Why are we sending presents to someone who values breathing over his responsibility to host a cat in his home? Seriously.

Anyway, we decided not to sew My Girl’s square for her.

Today, though, I saw an opportunity to really help. My Girl was laying out little squares of fabric to make a big square. This is where I should point out that the little squares were a big square to begin with but My Girl cut up the big square… Humans are weird.


As you can see, this is kind of a boring interpretation of a train. I offered an alternative with a little more flare.


For an artist, My Girl was not very open to this new idea. I was offered a supervisory position away from the dining room table.

And, as you can see, My Girl went back to her boring old plan.

Sometimes people don’t recognize genius when it’s right on front of their face. It would probably help if they had whiskers.


Sew Fun

I’ve been quilting all week. I’m tired of it so Kitten Thunder offered to help.


The problem is that Oliver had no legs.

And Obi prefers the sewing machine when it’s quiet and nothing is bobbing around.

I’m practically on my own here.

Biting the Hand That Feeds You

First, a word about the weather: hot.


Cat-melting hot. As hot as it is, though, we have not moved to the basement to escape it because it is still cooling off at night. The fan is doing its job as long as two cats don’t pile up at the bottom of the bed and block all the air.


A couple weeks ago I made a skirt out of a favorite pair of jeans that had a hole in them. Here is where I should point out that if I like something and it is a good deal I buy multiples. My black winter boots are the same style as my brown ones. When my brown flats wore out I went to the store and bought a black pair without looking around. This is a great system…until things start wearing out at the same time.

So this week I was making a skirt out of the second pair of favorite jeans that had a hole in them.


Obi helped. Again.

While I was on the floor with scissors and a brown kitten, I decided to work on the mats developing on Obi’s back. He was not impressed.

He started biting at me. At me. I’ve realized that neither of the kittehs has ever really bitten me. When we play they chew on my hands as I get their bellies but they don’t ever clamp down. And I’ve read that a cat will “love bite,” where they only bite down with one side of their mouth. Obi does that.

When I was working on the mats, Obi bared his teeth and bumped them into my hands. It hurt even less than play biting. He looked at me desperately: please, Girl, stop because this is as mean as I get.

I took pity. The mats remain.

For now.

How to Sew Curtains


1. Read email from friend saying she needs help picking out fabric for daughter’s new princess extravaganza room. Gag a little in anticipation of princess pink, but agree to meet her at the fabric store.

2. Realize at the store that you are expected to sew the curtains. Accuse friend of leaving that part out. When she objects, tell her she is smoking pot.

3. Spend time needed to purchase supplies and lunch afterward trying to teach toddler to say, “Mom, you are smoking pot.” Think this is especially funny since, of all your friend who may have smoked the pot, this friend is least likely to have actually done so.

4. Receive sincere thanks for curtain project. Less sincere thanks for teaching children about pot.

5. Return home to find that email does, in fact, clearly ask you to sew curtains.

Set up

1. Lay fabric out on the floor. Remove brown cat.

2. Cut fabric to appropriate length. Remove grey cat.

3. Lay black out fabric on the floor. Take break for breakfast. Remove Mr. Bear.

4. Cut black out fabric to appropriate size. Wrap brown cat in fabric and gitchy gitchy him until he’s over excited and runs from the room.


1. Lay two types of fabric together to pin them. Remove brown cat.

2. Change needle on sewing machine. Try to remember when needle broke. Do not succeed in the remembering.

3. Load the bobbin with appropriately colored thread. Look at horrified kittens on the table and realize that neither of them has ever seen a sewing machine.

4. Start sewing two pieces of fabric together. Remove grey cat.

5. Stop and move brown cat to kitty condo after 14 whacks on the nose with the bobby part on the machine.

6. Finish one edge. Decide it’s time to take a break. A long break.

7. Decide to blog about sewing curtains rather than finish the other seven seams.

And…post blog. What was I doing?

For Thunder Thursday, I bring you an LOLcat that actually made me LOL. I was researching costumes for The Boy and I; we’re going to a meme party. I was told that LOLcattiness was expected of me, given this blog. So I’m thinking…ceiling cat and basement cat?

I LOLed, indeed.

I’m also sharing a picture of a pug loaf. I saw this and giggled like an idiot for at least two minutes. Then I laughed intermittently throughout the evening just from the memory of it.

Photo: Pug loaf.... lol!

I’m sorry, I don’t have any way to track the sources of these pictures for attribution. Hat tip to the memeiverse.