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How to return a computer

I bought a laptop – I guess they’re called notebooks now – in December for my new business. It has never connected to wireless internet so I have barely used it. I haven’t really had time to work on it. However, while I was at my parents’ house last week, I took the time. Now my screen doesn’t come on.

I think I have a lemon.

I have always been a big fan of HP’s customer service, so I didn’t think anything at all about calling and going through the steps to get it fixed. When I had a bad fan in my tower a couple years back I sat on the phone with a nice girl in the midwest for four hours while we ran diagnostics. It is much much faster to diagnose a screen that doesn’t turn on.

“Are there lights on on the keyboard?” Yep. “We’ll send you a box to ship it in.”

The box arrived today. I should have known this wouldn’t be easy.

Step one: Try to keep 14 pounds of grey kitten from forcing his way into the box. Stick hand into box long enough to get out packing foam.

Step two: Sit back and allow brown kitten to annoy grey kitten until he leaves.

Step three: Attempt, and fail, to get to the box before it is reinhabited. Give kitten five minutes to enjoy his handy work before dragging him out of the box and replacing him with computer. Send silent apology to anyone at HP who is allergic to cats.

Step four: Submit closed box for CAT scan.

Step five: Obtain second opinion before shipping.


It’s Thunder Thursday! I just realized that! I have a good one from my brother! I don’t have time to put it up tonight! Next week!

Instead, this bit of truth from the interwebs:

Cat logic