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Picture Perfect


What are you doing, Girl?

“I’m trying to take your picture. Sit down.”


How’s this?

“Hey, Obers, whatcha doing?”


Hey look, a miller!

This is why there aren’t more pictures in this blog.


When I’m not on here writing about my cats, I own a social media company. That’s right, when I’m not on the interwebs talking about the kittehs I’m on the interwebs talking about other things. And on rare, fantastic, occasions I get to get off the interwebs and teach others about it.

Last Friday I was given the opportunity to talk to people in the mental health industry about advocacy through social media. It was interesting to research and a lot of fun during the session – these folks asked great questions and had me hopping for the full time. At the end of the day, one of the attendees – a peer support specialist – went home and started a blog.

That’s so much more satisfying than the generous check I received for my time (but I’m not giving it back). So check out this up and coming blogger – she’s doing great AND she is incorporating cats!


Conservative with the kisses, Liberal with the belly rubs

I apologize to anyone who looks forward to my usual three posts per week. Not only did I not do a great job blogging last week, but then on Sunday I forgot it was Sunday and didn’t post at all. And yesterday I thought it was Tuesday all day; I don’t know what that makes today.

Anywho, today – in case you hadn’t noticed – was election day. No matter what party you align with, the best place to follow the election is Twitter. The twitterverse is full of very funny people. Oliver was trying to lay with me on the couch tonight. I’ve been gone all day and he really needed a snuggle. But he finally gave up on me because I was laughing so much and it was disturbing his nap.

He went upstairs.

A while later he came downstairs to give me another chance. The laughter continued. He gave me five minutes before walking off in a huff.

Obi has stuck with me the whole time…on the far end of the couch. He cast his own ballot – for continued belly rubs, cheese treats and ear kisses (in moderation). He also favors his two household representatives who hold him so he can be tall.

That’s a platform he can stand on.

Oli and Obi need a raise

This week I gave my notice at work. At the end of the year I am leaving the cozy world of State employment (in the dungeon) to open my own social media company. It serves the governor right, ignoring Oliver and Obi’s requests for snow days just because the roads were clear by 8 a.m. and we live in Wyoming. What. The. Heck.

This whole working from home thing has its advantages. I know, because this seems to be universal, you’re all thinking I’m going to work in my pajamas with a laptop and a cat in my lap on the couch. I could totally do that, but probably wouldn’t keep many clients. The business plan includes coffee shops. Like, I will leave for a coffee shop at the same time The Boy leaves for his office to ensure that I shower and dress on a daily basis.

But this doesn’t mean that there won’t be more work for Kitten Thunder. After a cup of coffee, I will return. Cats will have to supervise. They’ll have to think up extra helpings of blogworthy cuteness. And, for the first time in almost ever, I will use the dining room table. The other part of the business plan is that no business will be done in the living room because it is rude to be in the same room as the television and not turn it on.

I’m going to have to figure out a way to raise their pay. Without, preferably, increasing their waistlines. Your ideas are appreciated.

It’s Thunder Thursday! Today I bring you a video of Simon’s Cat. I love these clips. I can’t wait to read his newly released book (not on my Christmas wish list, but I’m waiting it out until January just in case).

And just in case you think this is an exaggeration, in which case you must not have cats, I have a video of Obi helping me the other day. This is after he’d knocked my mouse of its shelf – it doesn’t have a wire so it clattered across the floor. He also batted at the screen for a while, hugged my face and did a little typing.