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For the love of a bear

I’ve struggled with whether to tell you this because it is a little more grown up that my usual posts. But, well, it is funny.

As you know, Oliver has a stuffed animal named Mr. Bear. He loves that bear.

No, really. He loves the bear.

Loves. Him. In an adult, kind of uncomfortable to be in the room with them kind of way. Which is fine except he has a tendency to call us, bring Mr. Bear to wherever we are, and give that bear some sensual massage.

It is a weird thing. Oliver was fixed very young, so this love is all in his mind. I guess that is what I get for introducing him to a handsome sweater-wearing bear at a young age.

That's Mr. Bear's foot, bigger that Oliver when they were first introduced. Oli is laying with Mr. Cow. We've been very creative with the names. His other stuffed animal is Puppy.

And who am I to judge what goes on between two consenting fuzzies?


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