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Cat Napping

We have had a long week.

We have had a long MONTH.

Two Sundays ago, I was in Rock Springs. Then last week I was camping. And for the last six evenings I have been out of the house. Last night, Outlook a.k.a the company that purchased Hotmail and immediately set out to make it unusable even when it isn’t crashing, wouldn’t let me send attachments. At 3:30 a.m. I gave up and sent it from a different email service.

Oliver and Obi, at 3:30 a.m., promised that they wouldn’t wake me up asking for breakfast at 6 a.m. if I fed them before I went to bed.

Surprisingly, this promise was kept.

The Boy tells me that Oliver attempted to get breakfast when they got up but several factors tipped him off. First, they hadn’t been pestering me and bothering him in the process. Second, Obi wanted his belly rubbed. Third, Oliver was only going through the motions and was actually perfectly happy not to be fed.

With this actually still-full belly, Oli returned to bed and worked his way into my arms. These are the things that Sunday should be made of.

Until at least noon.




Obi was bored today.

First, the people slept in SO late. The Girl fed Kitten Thunder at 6 a.m., but then she went back to sleep. The Boy didn’t get up until 7:30 a.m. After the morning belly rub, Obi and The Boy sat together at the desk. But The Boy wan’t doing anything fun so, once he was full of snuggle, Obi left to see what The Girl was doing.

Sleeping. The Girl was still sleeping. And she kept sleeping even when Obi bump bump bumped the bathroom cabinets. Bored. And when he played with chirping bird in the reading nook. Bored. And when he got on the headboard and dangled the strings from the miniblinds over her face.

Oliver was also back in bed sleeping and told Obi to go away.

The Boy had gone downstairs to work on train stuff. Being an independent human, The Boy didn’t think he needed Obi’s help. Not with painting or drilling or gluing. Obi was bored. Obi tried to talk The Boy into a belly rub. The Boy was willing, but thought that Obi could get his belly rubbed in the basement.

Not acceptable.

At 9 a.m., The Girl’s alarm went off. Obi was excited. But The Girl did not get up. She stayed in bed with her book. And stayed. And stayed. And stayed. Obi sat in the reading nook and loudly suggested the many other things they could be doing. Bored. He stood on the half wall over the staircase and called to get her attention. “Baby, please get down,” she said. But she did not get up.

Finally, she did get up. And the belly was rubbed. Some toys were tossed about. The brown kitten got brushed. But then The Girl went to get a cup of coffee and Obi was bored again.

He checked on The Boy who had gone upstairs to shower now that The Girl was up. Obi hates wet air, though, so he sat outside the bathroom. And he was bored.

He went back to the living room where The Girl was STILL reading. He was bored. He sat behind her head and jabbed her in the back of the ears. He leaned over her shoulder and offered to turn the pages. He did cute things on the belly rubbing rug. Bored.

Exhausted from the boredom, Obi took a nap.

When he woke up, Obi was bored. He found The Girl and talked her into brushing him. Then she wrapped him in the cave and gitchied his belly. Then she piled all his toys on him. When he sighed, she said she felt so sorry for him because he had nothing of interest in the whole house. Even though the words seemed right, Obi sensed a mocking tone that suggested she did not feel bad for him at all. 

He left to see what The Boy was doing. Now he was reading as well. Obi was bored.

Luckily, it was time for the afternoon nap.

When his nap was over, Obi awoke to find that The Girl was missing. Shortly after, though, she returned with food. Since she had been gone, a belly rub was called for. She also brushed him again. Then, since they were cooking, she held him so he could be tall. This was not boring.

But then the pizza was done. Obi doesn’t like pizza. He was bored.

Oliver doesn’t like pizza either, so they had a Thunder. That wasn’t boring. Until it was. Oliver and Obi plunked down in front of The Boy and The Girl and watched them eating. Maybe their combined boredom would inspire the people to open some tuna. It didn’t. Bored.

Now, after dinner, Oliver and Obi are watching me blog. They are bored. Luckily, it is time for their evening nap that should get them through until bedtime. Hopefully tomorrow will be more exciting.

It is rough, being a brown kitten.

Pajama day

In light of the very long week, with all the working and travel and sick kittens, Oliver and I declared today a Pajama Day. We slept in.

We reeeeaaaaally slept in.

When we got up, Obi, Oli and I ventured downstairs. They attempted to convince me they were starving. I reminded them that it was me who fed them at 7 a.m. when they thought they were starving.

So we snuggled in on the couch. When The Boy came back from the store I lost Obi to the more active person. But Oli and I remained.

And remained.

And remained.

At some point The Boy provided dinner. Which wore us out and we had to have a snuggle.

Soon – after the 20th anniversary episode of Absolutely Fabulous – we will venture off the couch. I need to take a shower and change into different pajamas in time to have a nap before bedtime.


Battle Box

"You know what's really good in omelettes? Tuna."

The Boy and I were standing in the kitchen when we heard a thunk from Kitty Playland. Obi is the main user of the playland but we thought he was in the condo so we stepped into the breakfast nook to see what was going on.

Kitty Playland, you may recall, has been downsized to one box that has a flap on it. Earlier in the morning, The Boy had pushed the flap over to close Obi in the box. The lid was still closed but this time there was a grey tail hanging out. As we watched, the tail slowly pulled into the box and there was a thunk. The tell-tale thunk of an Oli plunking.

I lifted the lid to see the grey kitten – “hello!” I said and closed the lid. I did this a couple times. Then Obi walked in.

Obi approached the side of the box. He put his nose to the opening. A white paw darted out and punched him. There were a couple seconds of brown paws against white paw.

Then Obi got on top of the box. The lid clamped tight on the box. Then it slid down  a little into the box. Then a little more. A little more. A…little…bit…THWUMP! Oliver was trapped under the triangle of space left by the flap being pushed in. Obi sat next to him on the outside triangle. He looked confused.

Then he was bored. And feeling a little peckish. So he gave up the game for kitty crunchies.

I liberated the grey fuzzy.

As soon as Oliver left, Obi went back to the box. And pushed the lid back down while trying to get in. Trying to be helpful, I lifted him up – and gave him kisses until he squeaked in protest – while The Boy lifted the lid back out. We inserted him into the box and closed the lid.

We went back to cooking breakfast.

THWUMP. Obi was on top of the lid again.

Sometimes we humans just don’t understand the rules of the game.