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Snapshots of Thunder

It has been a long weekend so the kittehs and I are blogging from the couch. It is the least I can do for the torment I’ve put them through.

Yesterday I actually succeeded in getting up and out the door for my birding field trip. It was awesome. I saw lots of birds, had a nice walk. Afterward, I read outside, watched some TV while I did sit ups, and did some work before we went to a party. It wasn’t until after we got back that I realized Oliver and I hadn’t napped ALL DAY. He made up for it by laying across my face while we tried to watch Saturday night bullriding.

We really made up for it this morning. Breakfast, then extended snuggling.


Obi has found the lazer mousie. Almost as soon as they finished testing him out the first day, Kitten Thunder put him in the cave under our recliner. Then, on Tuesday, Obi must have realized that a lazer mousie would be the perfect addition to the sheet cave. He’s been there ever since. He peeps. He flashes. He protects the cave.


Mr. Bear is really on the move this week. Every night, he comes upstairs. Some nights he comes all the way to bed and I wake up with him on my pillow. Then he comes downstairs in the daytime. Sometimes he hangs out in the hall. Sometimes he watches me work from the door of my office. Often, he contemplates a snack in the kitchen. Right now he is in the bag we keep for Kitten Thunder by Zensai’s tank.

He’s always nearby; you never know when you’ll knead your bear.

The Travels and Travails of Mr. Bear

As you know, Mr. Bear has been moving around lately. For the last week he’s been hanging out in the kitchen. And really only moving a couple of feet each day. So this morning I was quite shocked to round the corner in the bedroom and see Mr. Bear on the landing.

“Hello, Mr. Bear,” I said.

“Really!?!” Asked The Boy.

We have very steep stairs. I can’t imagine why Oliver woke up in the middle of the night and decided he needed his teddy. I can’t imagine him carrying that big bear up a staircase. He used to bring Puppy to bed, but that was in a one floor house. And Puppy is a little more…maleable.

Regardless, there was Mr. Bear. After The Boy had gone to work, I set about doing the things I was supposed to do on my day off. I was aided in this by the fact that the TV suddenly lost signal. Hmm. I tried a couple things to fix it, but decided time was what was needed before any further action.

I went upstairs and found Oliver laying on the counter in front of the window. I picked up Mr. Bear and set him next to Oli. Then I checked one thing off my “to do” list by scritching Oli’s ears. Always a multi-tasker, I checked off another thing when Obi came up to get in on the scritching action.

Then I left the house for lunching with ladies and shopping and such.

When I returned, Mr. Bear was waiting for me in the entry way. What does this mean? Did Mr. Bear cross the line, laying in the sun with Oliver? Have I inadvertently caused a rift between them? Perhaps, I hope, Mr. Bear was so inspired by his first looks out a window that he’s decided to take a trip to the outdoors?

When I tried the cable again it did not work. In my all-day strategy for fixing the issue, I wiggled some cables and went downstairs to check the other TV. That TV worked. Then I went on to other things.

When The Boy returned home, I mentioned our cable issue. He also wiggled some cables. We moved cables around so the TV was plugged directly into the converter. We shuffled. We pushed cat heads out of the way – Kitten Thunder REALLY likes to work with wires. Don’t believe me? Here they are, doing…something…to my computer.

"See, the mouse is wireless."

The Boy then switched the downstairs box with the upstairs box. Then, just as we were thinking we’d have to call someone, I realized…

“You know, Obi was sitting on the mantle by that remote for the TV…do you think he reprogrammed it with his butt?”

Yes. Yes he did.

It’s Thunder Thursday! Check out Callie Jean and her new minions, in the household of Hoody Hoo.  CJ is a powerful woman. I’ve been saying she needed some minions. I didn’t realize that Hoody Hoo is a sucker, er, giving soul. She picked out one kitten, then her sister, and then the brother was waiting at the check out counter. But with faces like theirs, who could stop at just one? Besides, they already match the cat hair at Hoody’s house.

She who must be punished.

If you’ve noticed that I haven’t been answering my blog comments I apologize. The Boy and I went to New Mexicon on the Chile Immersion Tour. I can now order anything with chile on it without fear because my tastebuds now speak the language of fire.

We were gone for four and a half days and I was expecting some serious punishment. I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

First, we must point out that it was Lori’s turn to babysit and that she came over to feed them, drink coffee and watch TV so they’d have some people time each day. My babysitters – Sarah and Lori – are awesome. I’m happy to report that Obi hung out on the couch with her and Oliver wasn’t a total jerk. He has a tendency to be less than nice around substitute mothers. When The Boy wasn’t living with us he would get an icy stare the entire time he was in my house without me – even though he was watching TV or reading a book for the benefit of Oli.

While we were gone, Kitten Thunder did some interesting things. Not terribly interesting, someone had a hairball on a full stomach. Eew. More interesting, someone got on the top shelf of my desk and knocked off a little glass ring box. Nothing broke but the contents have been evenly distributed around the room. Even more interesting, Oliver has started playing with Mr. Bear again.

Mr. Bear is a normal sized teddy bear that on occasion needs to move from one room to another. In the old house, Mr. Bear or Puppy would guard the breakfast plates. Or come to bed in the middle of the night. Or lay in the living room window. It’s fun to watch a cat move a stuffed animal that big. Since moving, Puppy has been in the front window and Mr. Bear has been on the bed in my office. Getting no attention at all.

He was in the kitchen when we got home. He’s been kneaded three times since I put him back on the bed.

Who knows what else has happened that I just haven’t found yet.

As far as punishment which, as all cat owners know, is required: it hasn’t been too bad. Obi was desperate for a belly rub. There’s no playing it cool when your belly hasn’t been rubbed for almost five days. Oli let me pick him up before he remembered I needed to be punished.

And then I fed them…so that was a nice gesture.

We plunked down on the couches – sitting all day is so exhausting – and got some snuggle. Oliver tried really hard to snub me. But I have the chin scratching fingernails. And then I got under the blanky. He can’t lay under a blanky by himself.

Obi and I played a weird game of cave monster while I was laying on the couch…I kind of made up the ceiling structure for the cave.

Then Thunder happened and all is well.

No one needs to tell them that I leave for a work trip tomorrow morning. The Boy can handle the fallout.