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Every cloud has a beige, rubbery lining

Okay, well maybe not clouds. But our cabinets came with a brand new set of brown, rubber linings when we moved in. I don’t really get the point of this stuff. We had it at the coffee shop where I worked in high school. It feels gross; it always looks dirty. At least in the coffee shop it made sense because it kept the wet dishes from trapping moisture underneath. But why is it in our cabinets?

Regardless, we have theses linings. And it has turned into a game for Obi.

In previous posts I told you about Obi’s habit of pulling the cabinet door in the upstairs bathroom open and letting it bump bump bump shut. I’ve also told the tale of Oliver and Obi getting into said cupboard and then finding their way into the wall through a hole in the back. And how this resulted in baby locks on the doors.

The baby locks don’t keep the doors from going bump bump bump in the night. Obi can still get the doors open far enough for this. And now, he’s found a new challenge for the activity: the lining.

Lately, each morning, we have found the beige rubber lining hanging out the cabinet door. I can’t imagine how long it takes Obi to manage to get ahold of the lining and work it out of the crack allowed by the baby locks.  Keep in mind that he has no thumbs so the initial grip would be a challenge on its own. Then he has to keep working it out. By the time we come along, the whole right side of the cabinet is unlined.

Every morning, The Boy relines the cabinet. He thinks it would be funny to put something heavy on that side of the cabinet to see if Obi could still tease the lining out. That bit of torture hasn’t been instituted as of yet.


I saw Jeff, star of the Jeff Channel on OutTV, at a party last night. They tell me the Tubbo the Squirrel runs up and down their roof. Loudly. We compared notes on where he lives (in the tree across the street), what his preferred meal is (anything), and how big we think he’ll get (he’ll explode any day).


And on a final note, Iron Chef has tilapia as the secret ingredient. I’m glad I’m not a judge. As mentioned before, eating tilapia is like licking a fish tank. Nothing can fix that. Though I would like to try the tequila and lime sorbet. Yummo!