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Thunder High

Friend Bev gave me some catnip from her yard to plant in our yard. It’s strong stuff. I decided that it would be worth it, after checking the batteries in the camera, to bring in the pot for Kitten Thunder. Once again, brothers were torn apart by their nip habit.

The video is eight minutes long. That’s as long as I could stand to have it in the house because it was making my eyes water. And it was as much as Kitten Thunder could take. When I came back in from putting the plant in the yard, both kitties were passed out on the rug.


I apologize for the length and music-less quality of this video; my editing software wasn’t working with me today so I’m giving you raw footage. Think of it as the director’s cut.

Attack of the Brown Snuggler

Obi has taken to snuggling in the night. With The Boy.

The other night I was having trouble sleeping. Every half hour or so I would wake up to find Oliver laying on my feet and The Boy laying on my arm. I would move over a couple inches and feel the blood rush back into my arm. Oliver would lift his head at my feet shifting under him, but then he’d go back to sleep.

Then I’d doze off.

A half hour later I would wake up to find Oliver laying on my feet and The Boy laying on my arm. Shift. Blood flow. Repeat. Doze. Shift. Blood flow. Repeat.

All night. Except…there’s a finite number of a couple inches for me to shift. Luckily, by the time I fell out of bed I also had to get up to go to the bathroom. When I got up, I discovered that Obi – the smallest member of our family – had taken over more than half the bed.

Me getting up disturbed everybody enough that, magically, my side of the bed was empty when I returned.

I decided to sleep on my side.


Purr therapy from Kitten Thunder goes out to my brother’s family this week. They had to say goodbye to their kitty, Kasey. While she had a habit of punching me in the eye whenever the opportunity presented, she was really sweet to her family. We’ll miss her.


It’s Thunder Thursday! You may not have heard, but Friskies held a video contest for internet cats. The winner was someone I’ve introduced you to before: Oskar the Blind Cat. Now Oskar, I find, has a Facebook page. This isn’t the winning video, but it is one I hadn’t seen before.

Cave monster, trapped

My apologies if this has come to you three times. Even worse if you just got the blank post. I had some video issues.

Today I was wrapping a birthday present for my niece. As you might expect, I had some help. After we were finished, Obi got into his cave. Part of it was under my feet and Obi was soon stuck.

As you can see, Oliver and I rushed to help.

Cuppa Joe

While The Boy was away on a train related trip earlier this month, Kitten Thunder and I were home alone. We were upstairs and I noticed Obi drinking water out of the bathtub faucet. It got me thinking about when I’d last filled their water bowl.

But their water bowl was soooooo far away. Like on another floor.

So I looked around for something to put water in. There, by the sink, was The Boy’s coffee cup. That’ll do, I thought.

Kitten Thunder loves having water in the bedroom. They drink a full coffee cup of water every day. They’ll get up from a super nap if I fill their cup. When The Boy fills the cup for them he mentions that we should get them a water bowl.

I think he wants  his cup back.

I think Kitten Thunder would be sad to give it back.


It’s Thunder Thursday! Here’s an absolutely adorable video from Texas, a cat in New York. Texas writes a blog about his adventures with his guardians and sister Milou. Recently the family lost a member,  Grouik, and Kitshka came in to help the family heal. Here we have Kitshka thinking about attacking Milou’s tail. Be sure to watch to the very end.

If you have four minutes more, this is an adorable video of Kitshka…breaking in the family.

Over there and under cover

While The Boy and I were standing around, discussing the weekend, Kitten Thunder checked out the progress on the layout. Oliver does not approve of the height of the layout. The chair he uses to get up to it had stuff on it. It took him at least two minutes to find a way up.

Then he had to get down.

We didn’t make him jump. The Boy set him on the floor.

Obi just jumped straight up to the top of the layout. He has no issue with that sort of thing. What he does have an issue with is photographs.


It’s Thunder Thursday! I thought we’d check in on Oskar and Klause. In case you don’t remember them, Oskar was born without eyes. He’s on the right in this video. It’s amazing that this game is still interesting to him.

Stop to smell the toeses

On Saturday, my friend Sarah and I got pedicures for my birthday. My toes are now cleared for open toed shoes. Also? Oliver thinks they smell delicious.

And yes, those are pink toes. I’m hoping pink will last longer.

Have a good week!

Update: Hmm…video seems to be missing. Tune in tomorrow for the cuteness!

For the love of a bear

I’ve struggled with whether to tell you this because it is a little more grown up that my usual posts. But, well, it is funny.

As you know, Oliver has a stuffed animal named Mr. Bear. He loves that bear.

No, really. He loves the bear.

Loves. Him. In an adult, kind of uncomfortable to be in the room with them kind of way. Which is fine except he has a tendency to call us, bring Mr. Bear to wherever we are, and give that bear some sensual massage.

It is a weird thing. Oliver was fixed very young, so this love is all in his mind. I guess that is what I get for introducing him to a handsome sweater-wearing bear at a young age.

That's Mr. Bear's foot, bigger that Oliver when they were first introduced. Oli is laying with Mr. Cow. We've been very creative with the names. His other stuffed animal is Puppy.

And who am I to judge what goes on between two consenting fuzzies?


It’s Thunder Thursday! Today we bring you Candy and Bubbles, the kittens of my latest bloggy friend, Lima.

After the video cuteness, there is more to the story.