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Why is this so funny?!

You have got to go check out my Pinterest board. I have the best kitteh pictures from the past couple weeks.


Oliver is laying next to me and every once in a while he licks my side where my sweater has ridden up. I have to say that little kitteh tongue is the most best tickle in the world.


It was cold and snowy today. I had to wear my winter coat for the second time this fall – which is wrong, as it is nearly December. I’m a little afraid of the upcoming winter when it finally gets here.

But cold days mean that I had help with my design work and Facebooking today. Oliver likes to lay next to me, with his elbow on my stomach. He insists on putting his front paws on my laptop. Often, one of those paws hits the trackpad and suddenly my screen zooms WAY in or WAAAAAY out. When that happens I slide my hands under his paw.


He feels like he’s in control. I get some work done.

Does this qualify as micromanagement?


Obi’s Day

Played with a box on the floor.

The Girl said to knock it off but it was already on the floor. Played more.

The Girl got out of bed and stomped downstairs. She forgot to feed us so Oli and I went to the couch to remind her. She told us to forget it until the breakfast bell went off. She sounded mad so we went back upstairs to wait.

The breakfast bell went off. The Girl called us downstairs and fed us.

The Boy rubbed my belly. He went to work. Then the Girl and I went to work.

We did stuff at the box of light. We baked something in the white box of heat in the kitchen. I ate some of it when The Girl dropped it on the floor. It was okay…could have used some cheese or tuna.

Then we went back to the desk and the box of light. I watched from the condo. I sat on her lap. I napped on the other chair – I touched The Girl’s knee once in a while to let her know I was still there for her.

I laid down next to the box of light and rested an elbow on it. The Girl got all panicky and told me to stop typing. She kept moving me over but I wanted to lean on the box. Eventually she asked me to sit on her lap and we watched videos together until The Boy got home.

The Boy picked me up and mocked my pain. After a couple minutes he finally rubbed my belly. Then we played flat mousie game. He’s a good Boy.

Then The Boy had chicken soup and I got to lick the bowl. Good Boy.

Oliver was snuggling with The Girl. I wanted him to play so I jumped on them. He didn’t play back.

When The Girl was eating, Oliver did play with me. Then he snuggled with her some more so I could have some time off.

Now the day is over and Oliver say, unless The Girl does something other than watch TV, we can take the rest of the night off. So why am I talking to you people? I’m off to take a nap!

And the downside…

It’s Wednesday morning and I am now starting a list of problems associated with the new desk.

1. The squirrel on the window sill makes Obi’s tail swish. My papers keep swishing with the tail and falling to the floor.

2. Obi thinks he can chase the squirrel through the wall when it jumps up onto the garage. This means running across the desk in front of the monitor and over my printer.

3. A squirrel eating bread with attitude to taunt your cats is really distracting.

That’s about it for the bad stuff. The awesomeness of the new desk far outweighs any bad things.

I’m sorry to say I don’t have anyone for Thunder Thursday. I invited Lori over to drink a bottle of chardonnay that I noticed on top of our fridge. The second she left, Oliver appeared and he is holding me down on the couch. It seems wrong to disturb him over a photo of someone else’s cat.


Instead, a photo of Oli and Obi “sharing” the bed in my office.

Our First Month: A Report from Oliver

Note: This report has been dictated to The Girl by Chief Executive Kitten, Oliver. She will not be adding in her two cents.

"The trials and tribulations of the cat, they are many."

This past month has been a hard transition for the Thunder staff. With The Girl staying home, our roles in the household have been more challenging than ever. First, my primary duty is to ensure maximum quality couch time for the people. You’d think this would be easier with The Girl doubling the amount of time she spends in the house. However, she is stubbornly refusing to go to the couch for long stretches of time.

I though we were making progress. For several days The Girl spent maximum time on the couch. My quality assurance, in fact, had her convinced to spend the night on the couch as well. Even though she insisted on coughing and sneezing – which I think is kind of disturbing – we were working steadily toward our couch time quota. Then, inexplicably, The Girl went back to insisting on long stretches of sitting in front of the box of light. She is there from breakfast time to lunch time and again from lunch time to dinner time.

I’ve adjusted my work schedule to allow for Girl supervision from the condo and snuggling in front of the box of light. Obi has also taken on additional Girl supervision duties. Plus, he has to come up with extra cute things to do because she is here so much. Luckily, The Girl doesn’t seem to get tired of the old standards: belly rubbing, playing with shadows, becoming a bed monster, etc.

In addition to our household duties, Obi and I have put some thought into The Girl’s business. We’ve tried to convey our ideas to The Girl but she seems to want to do this on her own. This afternoon while I was listing business leads she pretended not to understand me. “What?” she said. “What do you want? Does your tummy hurt?” Please. Just take the advice, or not, and move on.

All in all, it has been a successful month. I fully expect to receive our bonus, at least a can of tuna, any day now.

Reporting from in front of the box of light,
Oliver Pi