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The mess was everywhere. As I entered the living room, I could see the first indications that someone had suffered an ignoble end. Two steps in, it was clear.

Yarn Ball was dead.

His innards were strewn across the room. His tail was caught in the Velcro of my laptop charger. Poor Yarn Ball.

As we know from The Princess Bride, though, there is a difference between dead dead and just mostly dead. Would true love bring him back?


I went about fixing him. I rerolled him faster, stronger.


Obi seemed happy. Then, about an hour later, The Boy walked into the room. “Oh noes,” he said. “The yarn ball isn’t a ball anymore.”

It was true.

I looked at Obi. Suspicious. Suddenly, what is assumed was kitten-slaughter seemed more like murder.

The Boy started trying to fix Yarn Ball. After realizing he’d never rolled a ball of yarn in his life and that it’s not as easy as he thought, he handed Yarn Blob to me.

With a kiss to the ears, I set the brown suspect free and tossed Yarn Ball to the floor.


We’ll see how this story unravels in coming days.



It was only in the 80s today. Inspired by the cool temperatures, I decided to break out the loom and knit a scarf. It happened in small steps. I got the loom. I got the yarn. I removed the foot of peach scarf that I started, oh, 15 years ago.

There were no cats to be seen.

Finally, I started to knit.

As I wove the first row onto the nails, Obi appeared. He watched. He snuggled. He chewed on yarn as it came free from the roll.

He left as I tried to take his picture.


Oliver arrived. He allowed me to drape completed scarf over him as I worked because he wanted my lap. He also chewed on the yarn on its way to the loom.

He left as I picked up the camera.

My thumb nail hurts. As a kid, I used this loom all day and never had an issue. I think it make be time to grow up and buy a hook. I put the yarn and loom in a big bag for the night and tied it shut.

Why? Because I’m not an idiot.

Both cats have been by to try to get some yarn. They’ve worked at the bag for several minutes each before giving up on the knot. And they’ve fixed me with a glare.

Stupid Girl and her stupid thumbs.