Chicken Sticks

Poor Obi has no toys.

I mean, yes, he has a cave. And a pink fuzzy. And the funky chicken. And flat mousie. And an egg – plus the chicken that goes with the egg. But other than that, he has no toys.

So The Boy got out the magic toy making sick and waved it under the love seat. He found the rubber mouse ball. Obi tried to play with it, but it was boring. Until it rolled under the love seat again. Then he wanted it back! The Boy rescued it. But it was boring.

Poor Obi has no toys.

So The Girl opened the coat closet and found the other flat mousie. Obi took it and ran over to the quilt. He plunked down with flat mousie, and other flat mousie, and pink fuzzy, and the funky chicken.

But poor Obi has no toys.

For a little while Obi had a moth. He chased it and hopped and ran around the living room. He chased the moth as it few against the window.


Then he ate the moth.

Poor Obi has no toys.

We had chicken kabobs for dinner. The Boy’s sticks were very fun. Both kittens ran their noses along the length of the sticks.


It was a lot of fun. But then The Boy threw the sticks away.

Poor Obi has no toys.


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