Monthly Archives: November 2020

Box or Lunch

Oh, hi, peoples of the internet. It’s you again. I was just going to ask Obi a question.

Yeah, Flynn? What’s up?

How do we get The Girl to clean the litter box more? I like it cleaned a lot. Is two or three times a day too many? She only has to do the one we use – she can skip those other two.

Sometimes she forgets. I don’t think we can count on several times a day.

I don’t want to poop on the floor. That doesn’t seem to work out well for me.

Well, you’re family now so that wouldn’t get you kicked out of THIS house. But I don’t recommend it anyway. The Girl really tries. She’s got the small people to take care of and she just needs reminding.

Great! How do we remind her?

We’ll have to figure that out. My brother Oliver used to go to the kitchen and cry when he wanted the litter boxes scooped. Eventually she’d figure out what he wanted.

But when I cry in the kitchen I just get fed.

You know, I’m pretty okay with that. Maybe a daily cleaning is enough after all.